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'She Loved it! ’ My mom is really cool and understanding about that kind of thing. She says I have the cutest butt in Hollywood, too.'

I think most of us would concur with actor Lukas Gage's mom, especially after his famous scene in the first season of The White Lotus.  I never saw the scene when it originally aired, I only binged the two seasons of the Mike White series last year.  I do however, still remember that Sunday back in 2021 when it first aired.

I was on-line, and after viewers watched Armond, (Murray Bartlett) dining on Dillon, (Gage) social media was abuzz with comments about the scene.  When I finally did see it, I was actually surprised how tame it was.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't something you see often on television, even HBO, but the shock was more the surprise than anything else.  When you knew it was coming, as I did, it was more comical than shocking, but still erotic and one of the shows most memorable moments.

I remember when I was first introduced to Gage through a blog reader named Nick.  Nick knew I loved movies with a holiday horror blend.  I'd written about my love of scary Christmas movies, and Nick suggested I check out the New Year's Eve themed horror flick, Midnight Kiss.  I followed Nick's advise, and really loved the film, and featured it on the site back on New Year's Eve 2020. (HERE:)

Although the cast of Midnight Kiss was full of hot, half-naked hunks, Gage had a quality that had you wanting to see more.  I felt the same thing when I was watching him on The White Lotus.  Although his scene with Bartlett was a stand out, his role of Dillon wasn't really that big.  Yet, I kept looking for him, even in the background of scenes, wanting to catch any little moments, especially when he and Jennifer Coolidge shared the screen. 

This engaging quality has kept the young actor busy, including turns on television shows including Euphoria, You and the last season of Fargo, and in films including his co-starring with Jake Gyllenhaal, (below) in the re-make of Road House currently airing on Prime. 

Thanks to his most recent turn as Billy in Road House, Gage has been making the rounds promoting the film with talk show appearances.  It was on a recent episode with Live with Kelly and Mark that he shared his mom's thoughts on cute butt, as well as his public apology to Shania Twain for wasting her time singing at his wedding to his now ex, Chris Appleton.

Style & Substance: Bryce by Alan Rust

'My proudest moments are the work I've done with models that I discovered, models that I was able to help with the launching of their careers.'

Although FH is focused on the male form, I've written before that I often struggle when photographers send on shoots where the model is nude in every image.'  Part of the reason, is I like a reveal, but the main source of my struggle is my desire to get to know, and tell the story behind the shoot, the model and artist.

Telling a good story, means getting to know the individuals involved.  When most of us meet people for the first time, they're not usually fully nude.  One of the many ways we get to know someone, is through their fashion.  What they're wearing, and how they're wearing it.  Many of my favorite shoots on FH involve fashion.  The right pair of jeans, shirt or briefs on a model can often be more revealing, than seeing them in nothing at all.  How they wear and utilized their clothing with pose and stance can engage and viewer and draw in them to want to see and learn more.

The use of both form and fashion is core to the work, and in the philosophy of photographer Alan Rust.  The Nebraska based photographer has a dual focus that he blends within his work with the projects, On Display Men, (form) and The Dapper Style. (Fashion)  When I first discovered Alan's work, I was taken with how completely he captured the men he works with, spotlighting the male from through both style and substance. 

Alan began working with models back in 2010.  At the time, he was living in Dallas and began a male calendar model pay-per-view website which he titled On Display Men. All collaborated with other photographers to feature some of the best models from all over the country.  Alan went on to begin with photographer Adam Medders.  The worked together on The Dapper Style, a men's style site with a focus on wardrobe that guys could have that was both easy to manage and affordable.

When Alan left Dallas for a move to Green Bay Wisconsin, it  proved more difficult to find photographers to collaborate with.  This inspired Alan to begin shooting his own content, often working with new models from the Wisconsin area, as well as models he'd known in Dallas, who came up to visit, shoot and create. 

'Probably one of my most memorable shoots was working with a photographer in New York and we worked with pretty well-known model and did a strip down to underwear photo shoot in the middle of Times Square on a Saturday night, the pictures were amazing and it was a rush.'

Alan continued shooting up until about five years ago.  That's when he took a brief break until recently picking up his camera again.  Since his return, he's had the opportunity to work with many great, and upcoming models.  One of Alan's favorite part of shooting, is working with new models to build their portfolios and provide them with support, and experience in front the camera.  Some of his subjects, like Austin Otto, went on do a lot of modeling in New York.  he also discovered Nate Crnkovich in Omaha at a grocery store .  Nate went on an international modeling competition as well as now starring on HBO and Hallmark movies.

'I really enjoy discovering new talent and working with new models teaching them how to do a photo shoot and how to prepare for a photo shoot. Those are the photo shoots I enjoy the most. Photography does come with a lot of disappointments because there's a lot of models more recently that don't follow through and don't show up for photo shoots. In the last few years, it has been more disappointing but when I find models like Bryce it makes it worthwhile. '

Model Bryce Maloy shares that he and Alan first connected on Instagram, followed by their first shoot together when Alan was working in the area near where he studies.  Both photographer and model enjoyed their time working, and getting to know one another, over the now multiple shoots they've done togeher. Bryce has had photographers from New York, Los Angeles and other parts of the country looking to work with him, but he's been too busy with school to do much traveling.  His schedule will be opening up soon however, after he graduates this spring. 

'It’s great working with Alan. He’s very relaxed and does a great job making you feel comfortable in front of a camera. His experience is super helpful since I don’t have a ton of experience from before we worked together. I had a great time and so did he so we continued to do photo shoot when we could.'

Paula kommt! - Sex und Gute Nacktgeschichten

'Between the individual parts of the program, there are graphic displays of statistics and facts about sexuality.'

Even before Naked Attraction took off, Reality shows were looking for ways to stimulate viewers, and increase viewership, with nudity.  Back in 2013, Germany's Channel Sixx  premiered the talk show. Paula kommt! - Sex und Gute Nacktgeschichten. (Paula is Coming - Sex and Good Nude Stories)

Hosted by Paul Lambert, the show's focus is on sexuality with each focused on a central theme, ranging from one-night stands, to bisexuality or BDSM.  The show usually has just one guest, but on this particular talk show, it's not the guest who gets naked.

The show is not shot in studio, but in a location the guest chooses.  Sometimes it's in a bar, a restaurant, or even a store or repair shop.  Often, it's in the guest's own home or apartment.  The format is like most talk shows, until about the half-way part.  This is when things get fun.   At this point, the guest is joined by a nude model, most often, the opposite sex of the featured guest.

The model doesn't usually speak, or have anything really to do with the topic, or issue being discussed.  There's no real reason for them being there, except I guess as an erotic gimmick to attract viewers.  The models are more decoration, like a plant or prop, off to the side, or in the background during the interview.   I used to love talk shows, but don't really watch any of the ones currently on the air.  A hot, nude male model just might have me turning back in.