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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 4th

Above:  Michael by Scott Barnes
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Happy Birthday today April 4th

Above: Image from Scott Barnes

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The Best Of:

'If I'm photographing you, I think you're beautiful.'
Scott Barnes

2013 marks the 5th year of covering the work of Indianapolis photographer Scott Barnes. My love of Scott's work began in 2009 with a single of image of Jason Wang. Since then I enjoyed covering many of shoots, my favorites being Scott's love of story and series.

I think my favorite work of Scott's is a section of his site entitled 'Drifters & Wanderers'. As much as I enjoy Scott's studio work, the Drifter series, has a depth of emotion and almost an erotic isolation that hits something deep inside me when I view images from the set. Check out a new series to FH below featuring Michael as well as look back at the best of Scott Barnes on FH!

Moments: Michael by Scott Barnes

'To me, a good photograph captures spirit and movement, whether it's of a person, a building, or a cornfield. It's more than a "picture of something," but a moment in life.'

When choosing images, not previously seen before on FH to showcase Scott's work, it was easy to decide on these moments in time featuring Michael. First off, Scott has shot the Indianapolis model a number of times and it is clear from the results, a trusting relationship has been formed between photographer and model. Scott and Michael have created an extensive portfolio and if you spend time on Scott's sites you will see the results of their creative collaborations.

Secondly, although I have featured other of Michael's work before, he first appeared on FH back in 2011 in my feature on Scott's Drifter series for his Vir Impudicus site. Michael has a great face and body and as you can see by the many set-ups here, excels at any concept or look he inhabits.

The Best Of Scott Barnes on FH

December 19, 2009

November 28, 2010

'Some of the spirits woven into Scott's work are the spirits of Apollo, Eros and Poseidon. Thousands of years ago the Greeks carved nude statues to honor their heroes. The Greeks did not identify heroes only as winners, but many statues were also shown to depict defeat. In both cases, the men, usually in marble were shown as heroic and nakedness used to represent a state of purity and honesty.'

March 27, 2011

'On Vir Impudicus, the sections are divided into Scott's favorite themes and styles of presentation. Gods, Editorial, Erotica, Shower & Drifters. Each section of the site is unique. In Gods, for example Scott presents his models in classic poses, using minimal props and color. The men in Gods are strong, in control. In Drifters, set is crucial and color, lighting and props set the mood. The men in Drifters are searching, isolated and without a home base.'

September 9, 2011

'When someone gives you just one chance, it usually means something is pretty much over already. You most likely have fucked up many times already and and something pretty powerful has come to an end. This stage in a relationship is usually filled with a lot of pain, sadness and a degree of desperation. Desperation can be painful to watch, let alone go through but it also can be filled with moments of intense passion and pleasure.'

December 9, 2011

'Being a dancer takes a type of strength, a dedication, that goes beyond what most of us, even athletes, are able to commit to. It means a degree of pain, both mental and physical that most are not accustomed to pushing themselves to or through. It means hours of practice, much of it alone, early mornings, auditions and for most, far too many rejections. It is a short career, if one at all and not usually financially rewarding. For male dancers, it can also mean making a decision to pursue something many around them do not support.'

July 25, 2012
January 28, 2011

'Scott was such a great person to work with. You can really tell that he loves what he puts into his photographs.'
Trevor Werner

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