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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 28th

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Happy Birthday today May 28th

Happy 44th to actor Jesse Bradford!

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Up until recently, Fred Dryer was never really on my radar.  In all the years on FH, Fred has never appeared on the site, not even in the birthday section.  I've heard of the show Hunter, but was a little young to watch.  I don't really remember ever seeing him in anything.  That was, until last week..

For 13 years, Dryer was a defensive end in the National Football League, playing in over 175 games from 1969 until he retired in 1981.   Dryer is the only NFL player to score two safeties in one game.  Best known as #89 during his years playing for the Los Angles Rams. (1972-1981)

Jockey (1976)

Dryer's good looks got him a few guest roles on television, as well as a few ad campaigns, including modeling for Jockey in 1976. If you check out the ad below you might spot some other familiar faces, (and crotches) including Ed Marinaro. Last week, due to a weird series of on-line clicks, I ended up watching Dryer in his first official credited role.  After ignoring him for years, I now understand the appeal.  Check out the show I caught him on and more of Fred on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

A Deeper Dive:

'The human world, it's a mess.'

Earlier this month, I did a piece focused on the male models who worked on the just released version of Disney's The Little Mermaid. (HERE:)  While putting together the story, I re-visited one of my favorite Mermen, and one of my favorite shoots, Chasing Tail by photographer Richard Rothstein. 

Given my love for the shoot, the concept, the theme and the two models featured, I thought it was time to re-visit the Merman and the fisherman.  I attempted to feature images I didn't use in the first piece with a focus on the catch, and the subsequent release.  Check it out on the NEXT PAGE HERE: 

Creative Director: Tyler Sarry by Stockwell Photography

' I was a SHUTTERBUG! I was that guy at the party who could never JUST "take the picture!" but had to 'arrange' everyone and everything before clicking the shutter.'

Having worked in theatre, local, community and school productions, I know that many people, including myself, think of ourselves as just a wee bit omniscient. Although our (my) main job might be to play Paul, Fred's dresser, in Kiss Me Kate, we often look beyond our appointed role.  At times during the production,  I also thought I could cast, produce, design, choreograph and direct the entire production.  Truth is, in local theatre you may indeed have to do all of those  jobs, including working the box office.

There is a creative intimacy in theatre, especially during rehearsals, that is similar to what happens during photoshoots.  This is especially true if the shoot includes nudity.  When nudity is involved, it is often just the photographer and model on set with the photographer required to take on a multitude of roles.  From creating the concept, casting the model, organizing the studio space, choosing wardrobe, and then preparing the lighting and directing the shoot.  That doesn't even include all the work required  after, especially the hours of editing.

Cover Shot: DNA #277

Photographers are often forced to look systemically, to visualize the whole, and not just focus on one aspect of their work.   This is something that comes natural to New York based photographer Rick Stockwell.  Rick was an actor all his life, working in regional theatre, in Las Vegas, on Broadway and Off-Broadway.  Rick's worked in theatre, film and television productions as well spending time as a top 40 radio DJ

Rick quit show business in 2008, but that didn't stop him from creating.  Rick's been doing photography ever since and in 2014 turned his focus to the male form.  Inspired by Herb Ritts to s hoot naked men, Rick quickly began shooting some of the industries hottest male models with his work getting noticed by major publications, including DNA magazine which has featured Rick's work on the cover 3 times.  One of those covers included fitness and underwear model Tyler Sarry, who Rick connected with on Instagram

'Working with Tyler was fun. He was coming to town from Toronto where he lives. He was shooting with several photographers and agreed to fit me into his busy schedule. I had initially wanted to shoot him in his hotel rooms but we decided to shoot here instead. He had no boundaries when it came to shooting him, as I recall and I really loved the studio work we did. He stands out because he’s so damned handsome. I generally gravitate toward smooth-skinned muscular models with pretty faces. ' 

Rick describes his focus as more commercial than artsy.  Rick does like to feature the face of the model whenever possible.  For Rick, the image's impact is heightened when you can see the model's face, and their facial expressions, along with the body. This may stem from getting his start in photography shooting headshots.  He works as much with models on facial expressions as he does on body poses.  Showcasing the 'complete man' has always been my goal and philosophy with FH as well.  Images of just body parts without seeing the models face or a hint of personality, rarely grab or hold my attention.

'My shoots always go long because I enjoy the process so much. I enjoy getting to know the model and feeling like I’ve made a new friend by the end of the shoot. I tend to direct and be very verbal when I shoot. I know what looks good and I can be very specific about poses. I think this comes from my life in the theatre.'

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