Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 1st

Image from JDT Photography
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Happy Birthday today May 1st

Oh Brothers!

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Shirtless With The Stars

Guest judge Ricky Martin lucked out this week as Dancing With The Stars went shirtless on Monday. Both remaining male contestants, Charlie White and actor James Maslow had their shirts torn off as well as all of the male pros. Although I love me some Charlie, I have to say that Maslow looked especially fetching with his shirt left on the dance floor.

I do think Charlie's stern look, (above) is justified as although he has put in one incredible performance after another this season, he continually gets beaten up by the judges. Hopefully he will bounce back to give his skating dance partner a run for the trophy.

Internal by JDT Photography

Above Thomas

Back in March, I first featured the work of Georgia photographer Jesse from JDT Photography. (The Spring Suspension) Although on the late March day it was officially spring, as I was piecing together the feature, the snow and wind was whipping at my windows as a late season snow storm hammered down any signs of spring that dared to rise from the ground.

Today, as May's arrival is beautifully welcomed, I think... spring has finally officially arrived. Although the air still hovers around the freezing mark at night, tulips have risen and humans are venturing into their yards and gardens to begin the ritual or summer preparation. It seems appropriate then, given I featured Jesse's exterior images to help me deal with the winter, we know look inside at some of Jesse's studio work.

Above: Scott

Living in Georgia, Jesse deals with the weather in different ways than those of us in the north. Jesse says that finding somewhere beautiful to shoot outside is rarely a problem, regardless of what the calendar says. What I love about Jesse's images is the thread of calmness that run through his work both outside and within studio.

Next four images, Blakely

There is a quietness when your outside, deep in the woods, especially when you're alone. That same feeling penetrates internally within his studio shots, especially in the images below, as well as and image I chose for pic of the day. Some images scream for the viewers attention, but Jesse's quietly whisper instead. The call is not as noisy, but has equal weight and force.

More of the Magnificent Matthias

Back in 2009 I first featured German actor Matthias Schweighöfer and his impressive body of work. In that feature (HERE:) I showcased images from his work in 2007's Das Wilde Leben' and Kammerflimmern and Baal, both in 2004.

Well ten years after Baal, (below) Matthias continues to take on roles, and take off his clothes, in both movies and German television shows. I love Matthias look, his incredible body and great face, freckles and beautiful blue eyes. Given the actor seems to be comfortable naked in front of the camera, I felt it my civic duty to update you all, since my 2009 piece, with more of my favorite Matthias moments.

Baal (2004)

Schlussmacher (2013)

Friendship! (2010)

What A Man (2011)

Rubbeldiekatz (2011)

12 Meter ohne Kopf  (2009)