Friday, August 23, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 23rd

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Happy Birthday today August 23rd

Still love me some Scott Cann who turns 37 today.
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Judd Thud

Maybe it is because the men left in the Big Brother house are so vile and unattractive, but it was a breath of fresh air to see Judd return to Big Brother last night. The Southern boy from Tennessee is a favorite, and along with Elissa's HOH win, Judd shirtless return brought be back to the game last night.

American Anthem: Chris by IMWPhotography

'I'm just a small all self-taught newcomer, but I try to reach a High standard within my work.'

Although photographer Igor Menezes may be a newcomer, his finished images have a powerful impact and look as if they were captured by a seasoned professional. The Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg artist has a focus on fashion, fitness and portrait photography. The first image of Igor's was the eye catching image, directly above of Chris. The image immediately grabbed by attention due to Igor's use of lighting, it's strong composition and vibrant colors.

The photographer's shoot was inspired by The 4th of July. Although not American, Igor has a love of American Culture and thought he would love to do a themed shoot and tried to keep it on a more Editorial, and not to costumie.

'I was just amazed by Chris! I did a shoot the week before that was really disappointing and was quite uninspired to do another test-shoot that day. As soon as Chris came to set he had a great energy pulled me up and was just inspiring! In person he is not just a really attractive model, but the camera loves him. When he captures the light it is just like magic. He also follows instruction very well! In addition to that he did come out of his comfort zone and tried some poses just like I wanted and at the end, we did not only had a great test shoot but also 3 beautiful short series of amazing images. You would never know that he is "just" a newcomer model with little experience. A professional guy with a great attitude and an amazing body!'

The Canadian Cousin

Although is first professional role was in 2005 in Cheaper By The Dozen 2, it was just last week I was introduced the beautiful Robbie Amell. While flicking the dials, I stopped on Hot In Cleveland, a show I usually choose to skip. The cast is appealing enough, but for some reason I groan, more than laugh, at the little I have seen. But a brief scene with Valerie Bertinelli being romanced by a young doctor (Amell) had be sticking through the entire 30 minutes.

It is funny that sometimes when you see an actor, you suddenly see them everywhere. After the sit-com, it seemed Amell was everywhere, especially in the promo's for the upcoming CW series The Tomorrow People. The series, which premieres in October, follows a group of people with special powers. CW is scheduling the show to follow Arrow in the fall.

This will mean we will two hours of Amell Anatomy come Autumn. Although born in Michigan, Robbie spent much of his childhood in Toronto where his cousin Stephen Amell (Arrow) also lived and worked. The CW has been a good landing strip from actors coming down north of the border and The Tomorrow People looks like a vehicle which could propel another Amell into the spotlight.

Picture This (2008)