Monday, November 9, 2009

Favorite Hunk of the Day: Jorge Manuel Garcia

During the day Jorge Manuel Garcia is a wedding planner.

'Jorge began his career as a wedding planner at the tender age of 15. He quickly became a popular wedding planner in the community, opening his first event company at 16. He seemed to possess an uncanny gift of turning simple ideas and plans into masterful, beautiful events'.

Jorge models in his spare time Jorge models, high fashion is where he feels most comfortable. Jorge has such a amazing face and his shots have a soulful look that I really love. His eyes are so beautiful they are what draws you in to most of his shots.

Below: Jorge by Manny Roman.

Jorge Manuel Garcia

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 179 lbs
Measurements: 41-31-39
Shoe size: 10
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Experienced

Below: Jorge by David Waage.

Below: Jorge by Joel Endemano.

Next two shots by Lazaro Llanes.

Philip Fusco for Man Power

Phil's working for Man Power and you can see more of his shots at The Mens Underwear store HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 9th

Happy Birthday Today November 9th to:

Happy Birthday today November 9th to:

Nick Lachey turns 36 today.

Eric Dane turns 37 today.

Alexander Mazza turns 37 today.

Kudos to Saturday Night Live and Taylor Swift

Well I sat down to watch The Wanda Sykes show on Saturday and sadly was a bit disappointed. I LOVE Wanda and was really hoping for a hilarious hour. Well I did find myself laughing but not nearly enough. The problem was that it seemed the only theme the writers could come up with to discuss was Obama and it became old pretty quickly. I have faith this show will improve, just hope FOX and the audience gives it some time.

On the plus side, I did turn the channel (and taped the second half hour of Wanda) to enjoy and hour and a half of hilarious Saturday Night Live! SNL is hit and miss these days with great shows and lame ones, rarely do we get two shows in a row with laughs a plenty.

Taylor Swift was a great host. Not only did she handle her musical duties professionally, but she proved to be a decent enough actress to hold her own with the SNL vets. I was pleasantly surprised that Kayne only got two brief mentions. I had expected SNL to go to town with that story, but thankfully they let it rest.

I am sure I am not alone in crushing after Taylor Swift, but not sure about the rest of you but I also have a crush on SNL's Bill Hader. It was great to see he was featured prominently on Saturday's show. I love Hader and find he can bring laughs out of even the weakest written skits.

Highlights of the show were the 'Twilight' take off, the View (the actress doing Walters was superb) and Weekend update. Seth Meyers was on his game and not only did we get Amy Poehler back for 'Really' we also got a hilarious bit about those Sarah Mclaughlin animal commercials.

SNL needs to sit current 'it' girl Kristen Wig out a few more skits per show, but I forgive them this past weekend as the show, like Andy Samberg's new haircut, were great! Kudos SNL!

About to hit Big: Alex Meraz

'Twilight' made stars out of many young actors and pushed Robert Pattinson to super stardom. I have a feeling 'New Moon', opening on November 20th is going to do the same.

One young actor I think is going to be popular is Alex Meraz. Alex has the makings of a favorite for many reasons. Firstly he is hot as hell! Secondly, he is a down to earth guy who has been working in the business for awhile. Alex is a loving husband and father and has immense respect for his Native Mexican Indian heritage.

Alex, from Mesa, Arizona, attended the New School for the Arts and is an avid painter and illustrator. For 12 years Alex studied mixed martial arts and won numerous tournaments in karate and capoeira. This led him to train with Andy Cheng as a stuntman. In addition, Alex is a dancer and has worked as a lead dancer with renowned choreographers Raoul Trujillo, Rulan Tangen, and Santee Smith.
Look for Alex, playing hot-tempered werewolf Paul in the next two 'Twilight' flicks.

'Barely Working' by Adam Raphael

If you do a search on FH for Adam Raphael you will see some many beautiful images. Adam has shot some of my favorite photos of Kerry Degman and Doug Porter. I love Adams work but it was not until going through issue #112 or DNA that I learned of his latest book 'Barely Working' which was released earlier this year. Here are some beautiful images from Barely Working, whose theme is self evident.