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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 1st

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Seasonal Sightings:

As November comes to a close, it's time to for FH's Autumnal seasonal sightings to come to an end.  Check out the images still sitting in my Fall folder that I didn't get to post this season on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

12 Days: (sort of) Noah Fearnley in Dognapped: Hound in the City

When an egotistical social media influencer's dog is shockingly kidnapped, her long-suffering assistant teams up with charming local vet to find the puppy before Christmas.

I had to put 'sort of' in the title as I haven't actually watched Dognapped: Hound in the City.  Normally when I do a 12 Days post, it's after watching, and sometimes partially watching, the movie in question.  Dognapped aired on the ION Network, a network I actually never even heard of until seeing the Christmas film's poster. 

I attempted to find the movie somewhere to watch or stream, but so far... no luck.  I'll keep trying, but until then, still wanted to share the hottie on the poster that had me looking for the film, and the network it aired on.

Noah by Adam Walsh

As you can probably tell, Noah Fearnley,  the actor playing the hot vet in the film, is also a model.  So.. although I couldn't really do a full 12 Days piece, nothing was stopping from doing a FaVorites piece featuring his modeling shots.  Check them out on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Perceptible Packages: Taylor by The Male Form By CP

Perceptible: Able to be seen or noticed. Capable of being perceived especially by the senses

When it comes to Christmas gifts, we all remember searching for them weeks before the 25th.  We probed closets, looked under beds, and explored the nooks and crannies of attics and basements.  Inevitably, if you looked hard enough,  a hidden gift was often found. Sometimes it was disappointing... like finding underwear or socks.  Other times however, we were met with a pleasant surprise.

Some packages just can't be hidden, no matter how they're wrapped, or how hard you try.  Bicycles, golf clubs and baseball bats are always perceptible.  Even tightly wrapped, their size and shape are obvious to the eye.  Taylor's tool is another great example. A welcomed gift, one that even tightly squeezed into sportwear is perceptibly protruding, longing to be prematurely peeled, opened and enjoyed. 

Fans of The Male Form By CP instantly recognize model Taylor Montana, and are well aware of the many gifts he has to offer.  Taylor is one of the sites most popular models, opened an OnlyFans last year quenching the thirst of his admirers, and sharing his unwrapped package, not just at Christmas, but all throughout the year. 

If anyone wants to give themselves an early Christmas gift, you can unwrapped Taylor' package, along with the hundreds of other models on The Male Form By CP HERE:   If you use the code 5OFF, you can save $5 off Platinum or VIP all access membership, enjoying all the images and videos the site has to offer.

Stocking Stuffers: Wish Books

Image by Tom Nakielski

My favorite Christmas gifts have always been books, calendars, posters and photos.  I'm not a fan of getting or giving food, and I like to pick out clothes for myself, but getting a good book, especially one I hadn't heard of, was a truly a great, and lasting book.  My bookshelves are full of books I was given, many with hand written messages from friends and relatives.  I treasure those gifts, especially now that I'm older.  Books aren't just a favorite gift to get, they're also a favorite gift to give.

Paintball Pirates:

Dan, a ginger bond trader in his mid-twenties; Chris, a Mediterranean Adonis; and Brad, a Nordic beauty in his early twenties, have been recruited to play in a paintball tournament.  What they didn't realize is that they were really recruited for their physical beauty. Each will be captured, restrained, and tested in sexual ways they never imagined, becoming ensnared in a web of gay BDSM that will change their lives. WARNING: HARD CORE ACTION.

Photo Books are incredible, but author and photographer Wilf Reynoldson writes in away that pushes the readers visual imagination to it's erotic limits.  Check out the low-price Kindle editions on Amazon (US) HERE: & on Amazon (Canada) HERE:

Lights On-Clothes Off

'He quickly devised ways and orchestrated multiple opportunities to bare all whether for childhood friends, high school buddies, art classes, house parties, gay and straight nightclubs, porn movie theaters and seedy sex clubs.'

If you haven't  read my profile of nude life-model and author Stu, check it out HERE:  Stu chronicled many stories from his time baring all for large classes, as well as more intimate venues, in his book Lights On-Clothes Off which you can check out HERE:

Gordon Nebeker

I've been fortunate to have seen and enjoyed most of photographer Gordon Nebeker's and have featured many of them on the site.  One of Gordon's most recent books was Love in the Afternoon, (above) which I featured HERE:  I also love all of the books in his Lake Powell series, and have a special place in my heart for Oh Mexico! (HERE:)  Oh Mexico featured Gordon's work with model Austin Wild, who I was privileged to feature many times on FH.  Check out all of Gordon's photo books, most which are available in both print, and as instantly downloadable E-Books on Blurb HERE:


If you checked out FH last week, you devoured a tasty preview of Nicholas, (HERE:) the hot off the presses new photo book from StudioMGphotography.  Nicholas joins the list of along with some of my favorite models that Mark has worked with.  I've had the pleasure of featuring many of Mark's shoots, and the hot subjects from his extensive series of photo book.  Check out them all on Mark's site HERE:

After books, calendars would be my second favorite gift, to get, and to give to myself.  With the internet, may have stopped buying physical calendars, but I still by two or three every year.  One of my kitchen, one for my bedroom, and an extra one for the back porch.  I used to get so excited seeing the new calendars on the racks of the stores, and rushed to check out the 12 months on the back covers.  I loved celebrity calendars, wildlife and architecture, and of course 12 months of images of an incredible male form.

The Duelists: 

FH love the work of model and actor Michael Moody and a big part of Michael's acting career is his work with The Duelists.  For the past several years, Michael and Randal Scott have a produced a sizzling hot calendar where both Duelists are  unarmed and exposed and stripped of their leather, swords and protective gear.  You can order the calendar by contacting Randal on The Duelists Facebook Page HERE: You can also contact Randal directly. ( Payments are quick and easy and done through Paypal.

One of the motivators to working on FH is the excitement of finding new chroniclers of the male form.  One of the most innovative, and one of my recent favorites, is digital artist Achillias. I first featured the Netherlands based artist back in 2021, (HERE:) and have been closely following his work since.  I recently taken with an image Achillias posted on Twitter promoting his 2023 Kalender. 

The calendar will be released exclusively on the artist's Patreon, but like other calendars featuring the male form, includes some behind the scenes images of the shooting process.  Here are a few that Achillias shared to give you a taste of what's to come!  Check out Achillias on Patreon HERE:

Worldwide Roar

I've been fortunate to have discovered photographer Angus Malcolm just about the time the first Warwick Rowers calendar was released back in 2010. (HERE:)  Since then, I followed the calendars and videos, from Warwick to Worldwide Roar, as well as other work from the talented photographer. Check out and order the 2023 Worldwide Roar calendar, as well as the many image and video packages HERE

🎄 Want to keep browsing and shopping?  🎄
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If you can't decide whether to buy a book or a calendar, how about both? I  know FH viewers love the work of photographer Phil Diab, (Bodytorium) I can tell by the posts hits, and the e-mails I receive. Phil published his first book, Nothing to Hide, in 2021 and a follow-up is on the way!

Nothing to Hide – Young Men from Slovakia 2”, was just published (at least in Europe) in November 2022.  It  will be available worldwide by Spring 2023. Phil has also created two 2023 calendars, “Nothing to Hide” and “Young Men in Nature”.  Both are already available for purchase worldwide.  You can find them in some stores and on Amazon, or check out more on Phil's site HERE:

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 30th

Image by Bodytorium
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Happy Birthday today November 30th

Happy 70th to actor Mandy Patinkin!

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Patinkin and Barbara Streisand in Yentl (1983)

Noah Fearnley: FaVorites

Agency: Front Management
Height: 6'2"
Waist: 32"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

4 images below by David Anthony

I usually hate those ads on Twitter, I usually block them when they come up.  But... the other night, there was ad with poster for the upcoming Christmas movie Dognapped: Hound in the City.  I was immediately smitten by the actor in the poster.  The poster post linked to the Twitter of actor and model Noah Fearnley, which I quickly followed.

The 23 year old model has recently turned his focus to acting and in addition to the credits he's already racked up, has several projects, both in supporting and lead roles, in the works.  Originally from Orange, Connecticut, Fearnley played college football in Beverly MA before moving to Tampa where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurial Studies.

The 6'2" Fearnley soon began modeling working on campaigns for Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Givenchy,  His Bachelor's Degree was quickly put to good use as well as the young entrepreneur has started several business's focused on fitness and marketing. 

Next 2 images by CThomasPhoto

Image below by Studio_Joris

Stocking Stuffers: Digital Deliveries

Image by Tom Nakielski

If books and calendars aren't your thing, I have many other gift ideas that will bring the hot male form down your chimney this holiday season.  Giving a subscriptions to favorite website is always a good idea.  Not only does it take just a minute to subscribe, the gift can be enjoyed for days, months, or even a full hot year. 

The Male Form by CP

🎁 Photographers & Websites 🎁

TR Pics

Not all photographers have websites, or site subscriptions, many use social media to share their passion for the male form.  Almost all of the photographers I feature would welcome a message if you're a fan of their work.  Many also offer printed images, or digital copies of shoots and models you love and want to see more of. 

🎄 Fashion 🎄


Many of you have enjoyed the original holiday art work from Roy from badsign769.  Roy's creativity and design goes beyond just holidays and the male form.  Roy has exclusive artwork designed for t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, sweatshirts and more.  Check out more on his page on TeePublic HERE:

Raw Studio Design

If you like wearing a little less, you can always check out the exclusive line thongs, jock-straps, swimwear and more from Raw Studio Designs.  A bonus is the clothing company features incredible images of their products shot by photographer Chris Teel.  The shot above features Cody, whose work with Chris I previously featured on the site. (HERE:) You can check out the Raw Studio Design website HERE: or follow them on Instagram HERE:

🎅 OnlyFans & JustForFans 🎅

I've loved the rise of fan sites for models and photographers,  It's an easy way to see more content of those you especially love and enjoy.  There has also been a rise of deleting images and banning members on social media sites,. Fan sites provide models and nudists, like David above, a safe place to share without censorship concerns. 

Nick Floyd

They're also usually a great deal as you can join when they have a deal, and do a month trial.  If you like what they offer, you can continue on, if not, it's easy to unsubscribe.   Most are reasonably priced and some are even fee to join, allowing viewers to only pay for the image series or videos they want to see.

The Male Muse

I especially love the variety and diversity of those on OnlyFans.  You can find professional photographer as well as experienced passion photographers who shoot for the love the male form in art.  You can also find professional models, porn stars and just regular guys who just love taking it off for others to enjoy.

All of the images featured here are from photographers and models I've featured on the site, and I can highly recommend taking a peak at any and all.  Most photographers and models offer exclusive content, both images and videos on their fan sites, content you won't see on their websites or social media pages.

Luke G

Haruehun Airry

The Male Image

Sterlingjock by Briancan Photography