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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 26th

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Happy Birthday today February 26th

Happy 56th to actor Ed Quinn

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Marcello Hernandez: Booty Khakis

I'm not sure there are that many regular watchers of Saturday Night Live, but if you are, you know that producer Lorne Michaels has a pattern.  When it comes to the cast, Michaels seems to often round out his comedy ensemble with a young cutie.  These cast members not only seem to connect with young hosts, they can also show a little skin when a sketch requires it.  

Michaels goes through these comedic twink thespians quickly thought.  It was only a couple of years ago that Andrew Dismukes, (who I featured HERE:) was the young, cute comedian on the show.  Although Dismukes is as adorable as ever, he's already been replaced by Marcello Hernandez who just a couple of years younger. Dismukes is still on the show, but this year, his appearances are much fewer than the last couple of seasons.

I've been planning on posting about Marcello for awhile now, I've enjoyed him on the show.  Waking up Sunday however, and seeing clips and images from this past Saturday's show, had me think today was the right day.  I didn't watch Saturday's SNL, I don't really watch as much these days.  I'm still up after midnight most Saturday's, but I usually DVR and watch the highlights later.

I'd didn't DVR this past weekends show, I had no interest in shows host.  I lost confidence in Michaels hot choices after he had the orange asshole.  I don't support the normalizing hate and bigotry, and have had mixed feelings about watching ever since.   I was however, greeted by Marcello's beautiful behind when I opened my social media on Sunday morning.


Marcello has flashed a little flesh before on the show, but his booty khakis bit was the best so far.  I've not watched the entire sketch, just the clip below, which even without watching the entire thing, was a definite highlight.

Booty Khakis


'We sweat chlorine.'

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a copy of Sharpshooter 2001 video College Swim Team, but when I came across an image of the film's cover, it did inspire this post.   No, this isn't another post about retro nude male swimmers.  One of the most popular posts on FH was my post about nude male swimmers, with their bathing suit wearing female counterparts. (HERE:)  

This post however, includes a little more material, mostly Lycra and spandex.  As hot as naked male swimmers are, I also think the right body, in the right swim suit, is equally appealing.  There is something about a group of guys, wearing very little, with their clothed coaches by their sides.

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Sheer & Present: Liam by macpics

'I didn't have a favorite moment from this shoot.  Working with Liam led to continuous great moments from beginning to end.'

I first noticed Ian's (macpics) images of tall and handsome Liam just after Christmas.  Turns out Liam, or at least the shoot, was sort of a Christmas present to Ian and viewers of his work.  Although that wasn't the initial intent, timing and circumstances made Christmas Eve the only time that both Ian and Liam were available to shoot.

Ian initially reached out to the Australian stunner months earlier after discovering his images on Instagram.  Although Liam was up for a shoot, things got delayed a few times because of previous commitments.  I actually can't think of a better time to shoot than Christmas Eve.  Usually it's quiet, and creatively conducive for artists and models.   This was certainly the case for Ian, who had time to plan some themes and concepts he hadn't used in awhile.  One of those was utilizing the sheer white material in the last set of shots.

When I first saw Ian's shots of Liam, I was struck his great smile and facial structure.  Then of course there's his beautiful physique, lean and toned.  Of course I also had to zoom in to get a closer look at some of Liam's tat's including the phrase, 'Just one person, singing their heart out' written across the side of his stomach.  I love loved how Liam used his body and the striking poses he created.

What about Liam's appearance first stood out to you? 
His muscular definition

What about his appearance stood out when you met him? 
Nothing much apart from his smile. I'd seen the rest in photos 😃

Was there much discussion about themes, poses? 
Not a great deal. Liam said that he wanted some new head shots for his social media, which was fine with me. Apart from that, it was clear that he was happy to pose nude.

Was he comfortable with the nudity? 
Completely comfortable.

Did he have any boundaries for the shoot? 
He wasn't interested in doing anything which he thought would be pornographic. I'd suggested a cock-ring under his underwear to make his crotch stand out, but that was not for him.

'Liam was great to work with. He was so easy-going and cooperative throughout the entire process.  Liam came up with a couple of poses himself, one of which is his favorite shot, and another one, which was mine.'

Tell me about the sheer white material and fan? 
I hadn't used the white material for a long time, and it occurred to me that it might work well with Liam, which it obviously did. The fan isn't a fan. It's actually a lamp which opens and closes like an accordion. I bought it ages ago with it mind for shots and kept forgetting to try it out.