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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 10th

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Happy Birthday today July 10th

Happy 43rd to actor Adrian Grenier!

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I have yet to see a minute of Entourage, but I've been crushing over Adrian since seeing his smiling face in The Devil Wears Prada

Adrian in Trash Fire (2016)

Deambulan su cuerpo inanimado

Deambulan su cuerpo inanimado by Felix D'Eon

Artist Felix D'Eon created Deambulan su cuerpo inanimado, (They roam their lifeless body) as an illustration for a poetry magazine.  I am guessing most people are either repelled by the thought of large insect crawling across a hot naked body, or their turned on by it.....   

I was turned on.  The image brought back one of my recurring fantasy's that I'd not thought of in awhile.  I went back and forth on whether it was worthy of a post, but after I started to search, I saw that my fantasy wasn't exactly unique....  Just the opposite in fact.  If you're interested, find out a little more on PAGE 2 HERE:

There's Just Something About...

There's just something about porn star Lance Bennett that I find incredibly hot.  Although Lance's time in adult film career peaked in the late 2000's, he always had more of a 90's vibe. Might have been those 90's necklaces he always wore.  Check out more of Lance's and his shoot for Freshmen Magazine on PAGE 2 HERE:

Hot Wine: Kristian by Bodytorium

'I first spotted Kristain at the Christmas market in Bratislava. He was selling hot wine at one of the small ginger bread house like stands. I bought some wine from him on several occasions just so I could get a closer look at him.

I think if I'd been Phil, I would have been drunk by the time I left that Christmas market. I've never had hot wine before, but Kristian could certainly convince me to give it a try. Despite his numerous trips back to the wine stand, Phil didn't build up quite enough liquid courage to ask Kristian about posing that first day at the market.

It took three more trips to the market over the holidays to finally build up the courage to ask if him if he'd be interested in posing for Phil's site Bodytorium.  To Phil's surprise, Kristian was very friendly and receptive to the idea of a shoot and he and Phil exchanged contacts in order to schedule a future shoot.

 It took a quite a bit of messaging back and forth to find a date that worked for them both, but they finally met up to shoot this past April. In addition to working at markets on weekends and holidays, selling hot wine isn't the 20 year old's full time job. Kristian is a professional soccer layer who hails from a small town where the market was located in Bratislava.

Phil describes Kristian as a a straight-talker who's very cool headed and followed through with Phil's instructions during the shoot in an almost soldier-like manner. Although he didn't open up immediately, he was very friendly and sociable as the shoot progressed. Kristian clearly got into the groove as he and Phil shot for hours both in studio as well as the location shots you see here.

Despite this being Kristian's first time taking it all off in front of the camera, he seem's relaxed, and looks to be having fun running and playing in and on the tree's. Phil managed to capture close to 900 shots of Kristian that are all available to view and enjoy on Bodytorium HERE:.

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 9th


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Wild Flower



I've watched a couple of episodes of this season's Big Brother, and even with just a couple of viewings, my initial impressions of already changed.  Before the show aired, I lusted after Jack, the Jason Momoa wannabe.  He is as hot as his initial images promises, and although he's flashed a bit of butt, he's turn out to be a wee bit controlling and a bit of a disappointment.


Jackson on the other hand has been a nice surprise.  The show's promotional images didn't do him justice.  He has a great body, but his face doesn't photograph as well as he comes off on video.  Jackson is physically incredible, but thus far is sticking so close to Jack, it's hard get a full impression just yet.  I won't be watching much the next month or so, but hope he gives a few more flashes.


I loved me some Tommy from the get go, but he is also high energy and was a bit much at times.  His excitement at the beginning, and his lusting after Jack, has cooled down somewhat, and seems to be settling into the game.  Tommy also beautifully shows how all that dancing on Broadway stages does a body good!

Jack & Tommy

Lance Bennett: Chestnuts Roasting

Lance Bennett
Freshmen Magazine
July, 2009

"I like getting caught jacking off':  Lance Bennett declares during a revealing interview.  "I don't know why, but there's just something about it that turns me on.  Or getting caught getting dressed.  Sadly it doesn't happen as often as I'd like it to, even if I try to set myself up."

Alien Invasions

Alien Journeys: Taken & Used

Ok, my fantasy's weren't exactly about being raptured by some giant insect, but they did include being taken, inspected and probed by some sort of creature, an alien, something with tentacles, some strange creature looking to learn, explore and ravage my body.

I'm not usually into fantasy's, erotic or otherwise that involve cruelty or violence, but I do have a bit of fetish for vulnerability and embarrassment within my fantasy's, usually with myself as the focus, but sometimes it's another.  That being said, erotic alien abductions and alien medical exams were a recurring theme when I was younger.

Image from Luis Rafael

When I started to think about doing a piece on the subject, I thought it had to be rare.  I mean I knew I couldn't be the only one, but I didn't think there was a large group of people with similar thoughts and fantasy's.  Fantasy's a group of aliens, demons or monsters, examining, inspecting, and probing a hot naked body.

A quick google search, (try gay alien romance) came up with movies, videos and TONS of books devoted to the theme. So many books,  they have their own sub section in the genre of gay romance novels.  There are a lot of great titles, but I think my favorite might be a book entitled, The Warmth of His Tentacles.

'When Sam spies a hot-but-shy boy in his classes, he decides to bring him out of his shell and into his arms! But he'll get more than he bargained for in those pants, when the boy turns out to be a tentacled alien from the planet Arlectrani!'

Artwork by domino6713

I think one of the most interesting things I learned about erotic alien fantasy involved milking.  I think milking may have been apart of my own fantasy's, even before I really knew what exactly it was.  The name sort of tells the story, I'm sure you can get the gist. (or in this case jizz) Basically the aliens suck every last drop of juice out of their subject to use to implant in others.