Thursday, October 3, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 4th

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Seasonal Sightings

The Warrington Wolves

Backyard Cleanup!

Etgen's Abtastical Autumn

'Growing up I had no fashion sense I couldn't style myself... I was the type of guy that would wear Jordan shoes with sweat pants.'
Cole for Highsnobiety

With those eyes, and those incredible abs, I think the Cole Etgen looks just fine wearing jeans and a few Autumn leaves.  I was working on a FaVorite FiVe piece on the German born model, but given my love of seasonal shots, wanted to also share this set from Gabe AraujoCheck out my FaVorite FiVe piece on PAGE 2 HERE:

Favorite Import of the Day: Tom Gronau

Last year, thanks to Restituda1's World of Male Nudity, I was introduced to German actor Tom Gronau. FH fans know I love Embarrassment nudity scenes in films, and Tom certainly had one in the 2018 drama Hanna's Homecoming. (Wo kein Schatten fällt) .

It might be argued the scene is more violent that embarrassing, especially given Tom's character Leo is forced to strip at gunpoint... It's hot nonetheless.. Although he's been working professionally for several years, the Berlin based Gronau is currently studying acting at The Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.

Hanna's Homecoming (Wo kein Schatten fällt) 2018

Through Someone Else's Eyes: Dan by Jack S Photography

'Creative expression is a big selling point, becoming a character or a version of myself that I'm not in every day life. It's also a great opportunity to see me from a different point of view, usually someone else's. How often do we hear people say they wish they could see themselves through someone else's eyes, or vice versa? Modeling gives me that.'

Since first discovering, and then featuring, the work Jack S. Photography back in 2015, his portfolio is one I regularly return to.  Although most images of the naked male form have a degree of vulnerability, Jack's images have an intensely raw vulnerablity and intimacy that's incredibly compelling.

In part, it Jack's shooting style and the locations, (often a hotel room) where conducts his shoots. It's also the models Jack that chooses to work with.  They area beautifully unique, never bland, and all have book covers with stories I the peak my interest.  During my last visit to Jack's port, it was Dan's book cover I wanted to open. Not only does Dan have a great face and body, there was something behind his glasses, in his beautiful blue eyes I wanted to explore more of.

Dan welcomed my curiosity, and quickly replied replied to my probing questions.  I was most fascinated to Dan's response to why he enjoyed modeling.  Many models look to images to mirror back how they see themselves, to have an artist or photographer capture how they see themselves.  Some of the most interesting models to interview however, are those who curious to see how they're perceived by another.  Jack's perception certainly intrigued me....

Why modeling?
'I liked the idea for a really long time when I was a teenager but was very insecure so I never pushed it, my second boyfriend was an amateur photographer and so that's when it all began really, about 11 years ago now.'

Favorite experience thus far?
'I've done some really cool fine art shoots with my friend Tom, they merge lots of elements of creativity, which I really enjoy.'

Any odd or strange stories from any shoots?
'I've been hit on a few times during some of them, which is tricky to manage because I'm not usually wanting to pursue that kind of thing from a shoot. I did a more erotic style one where I had to jack off too, so that was kinda odd.'

What factors did you weigh before deciding to shoot nudes?
'Mostly its about how comfortable I feel with the photographer and the type of images that might come out of it.'

On a scale from 1-10 how nervous were? 
'When I first started doing nude shoots with others, it was mostly worry about the level of professionalism and trust, I'd say I started out about a 3 on the nervous scale and that was mostly down to the fact that I just wanted to be sure the images and myself would be respected.'

Did the response from friends/family enter into your decision?
'A little bit yes, most of my friends are aware of or follow my Instagram. Which was mainly thirst posts for a long time, so I was never too worried about them. As for family, I don't really explicitly say or share it.;

What are your boundaries for a shoot? Have you ever said no to a concept or shot idea?
'Most things I'm ok with, or if the idea isn't something I'm keen on then I generally talk to the photographer to see if there's a way we can meet in the middle, but I like to try and push myself outside my comfort zone, albeit in small steps.'

What's the best compliment you received about one of your modelling images?
'It was during an exhibition of one of the photographers, a woman purchased an image of me and kind of fell in love with me a little. She really loved the energy and the story that the piece gave off.'

What part of your body are you most happy with? What part gets the most attention from others?
'I'm really trying to love all of me, which is a constant battle and the main reason I started my Instagram so long ago. But if I had to choose then I'd say my butt, which gets a lot of attention from others, as well as my torso. My eyes and smile get nice compliments, which is a big thing for me.'

What stood out from you with your day shooting with Jack?
'How nice he was, everything was so calm and fun. He puts you at ease and makes the whole experience feel like it's just something you'd naturally do with a friend.'

Was there anything about your with Jack, unique from any of your previous shoots?
'His style of shooting, which has been different from everyone I've shot with as well. So that definitely stood out (in a good way).'

Do you have a dream scenario for a shoot you'd love to do?
'I have so many ideas, I'd love to do something for an editorial piece or campaign. But also I want to be able to explore lots of different creative things, so there's no one set thing for me really.'