Monday, August 30, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 30th

Incredible shot of Brian Levy by Jeffrey Rich.

Happy Birthday today August 30th to:

L-R: Eamon Sullivan (25), Marco Hofschneider (41) & Andy Roddick (28)

Also Celebrating today August 30th: Ernests Gulbis, Akihiro Sato, Cameron Diaz, Derek and Drew Riker, Michael Chiklis, Timothy Bottoms & Peggy Lipton.

Below: Andre Niklaus (29)

EMMY Highlights:

The Emmy's as always were a mixed bag last night. I thought the adorable Jimmy Fallon gave it his all and the results were good overall if not a bit manic. Jewel, who usually makes me flee a room impressed me with her song during the in memoriam segment of the show. So happy to see Kyra Sedgwick take the prize for her turn in the Closer but disappointed Michael C. Hall got robbed again. (Bryan Cranston is good, but 3 years in a row???). Nice also to see The Amazing Race not win yet again, although I have never seen a second of Top Chef.

Just a couple of observations:

-Modern Family got the attention it deserved, Cougar Town did not.

-Modern Family's Sofia Vergara has officially become tv's most annoying celebrity.

-Glenn Close always looks like she is in a bad mood, either that or she needs to pee.
-I love Neil Patrick Harris but...when he does not think he is on camera he always seems a bit stuck up. When he notices the camera is on, that winning smile always reappears...

-Congrats to Archie Panjabi & Jane Lynch!

-Betty White is over saturated and the sexual innuendos are getting old but.. damn it if she does not always make me smile.

-Jim Parsons deserved the win, but an odd duck he is.

-The girl in the opening number everyone is asking about was Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries

-Tina Fey is finally winning me over

-I maintain 'Two and Half Men' is shit and the fact it gets Emmy nominations is a joke.

-One last thing, HBO does great tv, but so do the networks. All those 'movie stars' who seem ok to be nominated for a tv award because they are on HBO are a bit annoying. Some of these, like Claire Danes have done their best work on network tv (My So Called Life) and you can bet will be the matriarch on a tv drama once she hits 50 or 60.

Loved Loved (except for the inclusion of Gosslin) the opening number. Jon Hamm was hot, adding Hurley was a stroke of genius. Just one question...Was Lea Michele too good to go live? Lea was a big part of the taped piece but was the only one who did not join the group on stage for the live portion of the opening number...

Aaron Paul: Best Supporting Actor in A Drama Series: Breaking Bad

Below: Aaron in 'Big Love'

Aaron in 'Perfect Opposites' (2004).

David Strathairn Best Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie (Temple Grandin)

David Strathairn has been acting professionally since the late 70's. Every time I see him on screen, even when playing the most despicable characters (think 'Dolores Claiborne') there is something incredibly sexy about him. I cannot begin to list credits, but check them out on IMDB HERE:

Below: David in 'The Return of the Secaucus Seven' (1980)

Just Because: Will Forte in 'MAcGruber'

Just Because:
Even though 'MAcGruber' did not burn up the box office, I am going to miss Will Forte on SNL this fall. Will was consistently funny and on SNL consistency is important. Will miss in particular MAcGruber and Jean-George Peppers.

Thanks to Braxnis for the great caps!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 28th

Get to know more about the impressive Steve R below!

Happy Birthday today August 28th to:

Two of my favorites blow out candles today!

John Allen Nelson turns 51 today.

Rick Rossovich turns 53 today.

Also blowing out candles today; Jason Priestley, Whip Hubley, Carly Pope, Gianni Giardinelli, Davide Ricci, Kirby Morrow, Tood Eldridge, Jack Black, Billy Boyd, Shania Twain, Jennifer Coolidge, Emma Samms, Scott Hamiliton and David Soul!

Kudos to Blogger

I do love blogger but have always been annoyed by not being able to block certain spam comments. Almost everyone who has a blog gets spam, especially the nightly spammer from the orient... Well finally blogger has added a spam filter and I, and especially you no longer even see the spam. Thanks Blogger!

Flight and Fight with Steve R.

Somewhere on the Island of Milos, one of the thousands of Greek islands approximately half way between Piraeus and Crete, Steve R. flies through the air from the rocks high above into the cool water of the Mediterranean Sea.

Flying is a huge part of Steve's life. Equally important to Steve is fighting. Now while many of us must choose fight or flight, Steve has chosen to combine them both into every aspect of his life.

His world is made up of Taekwondo, kickboxing, freestyle fighting free running and free climbing and Parkour. Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one's path by adapting one's movements to the environment.

Steve has studied taekwondo for 14 years , kickboxing for 3 years , and free style fight for 2 years.

'What attracts me to martial arts is something mystical ... like a hidden power that floats in the air .. the power . the speed . the moves . the anger and ferocity'. .

Adapting is just what Steve has done. Steve says that he has always struggled with confidence. As a child he was bullied in school but even when pushed never wanted to physically hurt another. His mission was to trudge on pretending not to care what others were saying.

Steve did fight back, but not with his fists, but with his talent. Steve channeled his pain through his art work to create heroes who did fight, not to harm but to protect.

Steve has dreams of being an actor, a very specific actor though. Like the themes of his art, Steve wants to be a hero, and action star. Steve wants to create movies not just full of action, but with positive messages. Steve knows based on the sports he plays, that fighting can have a positive purpose and not just used to harm another.

Steve has taken acting lessons in his hometown and one day hopes to join the ranks of Tom Cruise, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Liam Neeson, Jason Statham and Bruce Lee and wants to use his years of martial arts training to do his own stunts.

22 year old Greek/Canadian Steve may not feel he has the confidence that he needs, but he is an inspiration none the less. Like the heroes he dreams about and the heroes he draws, Steve has the body and face of a mythic hero and the will and determination and heart of a champion. Using his past to direct his future, Steve is on his way to reaching all of his goals and dreams.

2 shots of Steve below by Nick Alexiou of ctn studios.

Steve R:

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 173 lbs
Chest: 27"
Waist: 31"
Shoe: 12
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: White
Experience: Experienced

Below: Steve R. by Valeontis Vagelis. Steve describes his shoot with Valeontis as his favorite shoot. "Valeontis knew exactly what he wanted...I really loved it and tried my best to help fulfill his vision"