Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 8th

Big Brother: Things 'might' be looking up...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Big Brother, seasons 1-3 (Amy cracked me up!) but have not really enjoyed a season much since (although I did enjoy season 5, and all things Janelle!). I watched about 10 minutes of this past winters season, just enough to tell me I could not stomach those people. The producers of the show baffle me as I have to give them credit for hooking me for several seasons, but at the same time, it seems almost no one really enjoys the little twists, which rarely work out very well. They spend so much time trying to attract new viewers, they seem to screw over the shows loyal fans. But...Looking at the cast posted this morning at CBS, I did seem a few good looking guys. Of course there will be some idiots, it is BB, but with Jesse (below) entering the house as well as a few other cuties I will give another shot!

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for July 8th Michael Weatherly

I find actor Michael Weatherly absolutely adorable! Michael turns 40 today.

Also Celebrating today July 8th

Also celebrating today July 8th

Actor Jake McDorman turns 22 today.

Actor Sebastiaan Labrie turns 38 today.

Actor Billy Crudup turns 40 today.

Man they put ole Tobias through hell during his time in OZ, but actor Lee Tergesen played him so well! Lee turns 43 today.

Love the above pic from Lee's messageboard.

Hard to believe Barker's Beauty Janice Pennington is 66 today! I always had a bit of crush on Holly myself.

Pic Series for July 8th Coming Clean

Marcel comes clean!