Sunday, March 29, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 29th

As each week goes by there are new and amazing shots of one of my favorite hunks, Philip Fusco. The amazing photo above by the great David Vance.

Favorite Birthday Boy for March 29th Nick Beyeler

Spending some time the other evening searching for great pics of fitness model and aerobics champion Nick Beyeler was not a bad way spend some time. Despite that fact that Nick is not that famous with the general population, he is one of the biggest stars on the net, often coming at the top of many search engines. Nick certainly knows how drive us crazy with some of the most stunning shots of any guy out there. The delicious Nick turns 34 today. Some of the pics below are from Nick's official site that you can find HERE:

Special Birthday Wishes to Bruce Weber

It is a testament to Bruce Weber's talent and work that his photos have without a doubt often become more famous than the subjects themselves. Yes Bruce has shot some big stars, including Marky Mark in his calvins, but Weber is more famous than most of his subjects due to amazing ability to not only take a great shot but because his photos transend the subject to become works of art. Photos that define what male beauty is. I was clicking and saving Weber's pics long before I knew who he was. Many who know his work, can spot a Weber shot a mile away. Not just because of how he shoots, but because his photos stand above the rest. Happy Birthday Bruce! Check out Bruce's official site HERE:

Above: Model Garrett Neff.

Below: Shots from one of the best books featuring the male form, 'Bear Pond Model'. A classic.

One of Weber's more recent shoots with model Montana Volby (is that not the best name!)

The pic below remains my all time favorite Bruce Weber photos. Just Stunning!

Favorite Hunk of the Day: James Franco

I have always had a crush on James Franco. James has one of the cutest grins. I must admit though, I have not exactly been blown away by his acting, I mostly enjoyed his work due to his appearance. I certainly saw there was talent there, especially in films like 'Sonny' and 'James Dean' but I was waiting for James to really get a role to sink his teeth into.

Well, this past year James got that chance. With roles in 'Pineapple Express' and 'Milk' in 2008, has there been an actor with two such different roles all in the same year. I have always admired James for his choice of roles, and picking these two certainly made him a break out star last year. Although I thought Josh Brolin was great, to me, it should have been Franco who was nominated for the best supporting actor. Milk was a great movie, though I enjoyed the documentary on Milk better myself. But Milk was a showcase for Sean Penn, many of the supporting actors were simply put in to surrond him. I found much of the cast disappeared into the background, the usually amazing Emile Hirsch even fell flat to me in this role. Diego Luna did not impress me at all in Milk and Lucas Grabeel, Alision Pill and the amazing Victor Garber all had great parts, but none were deveolped enough for them to shine. The only exception for me was Franco. Yes, his relationship Milk was the one that was a focus of the first half of the movie, but it was also the most interesting part of the film to me due to Franco's performance. It was subtle but intense. I am a huge Sean Penn, and he was amazing in Milk, but to me Franco was the most interesting character to watch.

James in 'Milk' (2008).

More James Franco:

James in 'James Dean' (2001).

James in 'Sonny' (2002).

James in 'Whatever It Takes' (2000)