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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 28th

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Happy Birthday today January 28th

Happy 39th to actor Tom Hopper!

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'You think you know how to play the game, you don’t know anything.'

If you spend much time on social media, you would think everyone was watching current US installment of The Traitors.  I enjoyed last season, and jumped on board when it started again this year.  I also just finished binging Series two of the British version, and ended up enjoying it more than the current US reality stars version.


I didn't expect to, there are a lot of big personalities on the US version, but there were also many compelling players on the UK version, even though most, if not all, were never on a reality show before.  It took an episode or two to get used to host Claudia Winkleman, especially after enjoying Alan Cumming on the US show.  Cumming is half the fun, but I began to appreciate Claudia, even if she doesn't quite have the showmanship that Cumming brings to the role. 


The UK version ended this past weekend, and I  won't spoil the ending, but the round tables were intense.  Both shows are filmed at the same castle in the Scottish highlands, and most of the games in the US version, are exactly as they appeared in the UK versions.  They played out a bit differently, due to the players, but the set-up and goals are the same.  


If you're enjoying the US reality star version, I suggest you check out the UK version as well.  There were a lot of great gamers to root for, and some hotties to cheer on and enjoy as well. 


FaVorites: Sage Roux

I find something really engaging about adult film actor Sage Roux.  I love the shape of his face, and his great smile.   The porn star doesn't really get to smile much in his films, but he lights up the lens when he smiles for photos.

I keep thinking Sage reminds me of someone, maybe an actor, but I can't quite place him. Maybe there's a wee bit of Aaron Tveit in there.  I do think he looks like he could easily slip into the role of a preppy college student, or the rich snobby frat boy in a film, or drama on The CW.  

Sage is quite active on social media, especially his Twitter, where he shares images and video much more explicit than the ones I'm featuring here.  Although he appears in a ton of gay themed scenes, he identifies and bi, and also creates a lot of content with both Trans and female partners. 

Recumbence: Rico by Bob Burkhardt

'Rico was bright, funny and easy to work with. 'I think his personality really comes through in the work.'

As the old saying goes, if you liked Rico standing up, you should see him lying down...  That was certainly the case when I was going through the dozens of images photographer Bob Burkhardt sent on.  The first section featured primarily images of Rico standing, and I loved the mood Bob created with lighting and pose. I especially loved the body extension in so many of the body positions Rico held.

As I continued goring through the images, I was especially taken with the images of a recumbent Rico.  The degree of sensuality was on high. I think the level of heat  may even have been elevated without the frontals.  Frontals can sometimes steal focus, but on in series, Rico utilizes every other part of his body, from his expressive eyes to his fingers and feet to create intensity and passion.

I was especially drawn to the many unique poses Rico created and Bob captured.  Rico doesn't lie and pose on the bed, he interacts with it.  On it, beside it, clutching, grabbing and holding on to the bed and sheets, just as one would... if in the heat of passion and lust. 

Given the success of this collaboration, Bob is hoping to work with Rico again.  Rico is on board but is currently busy with both work and school, so unfortunately, we'll have to be patient about seeing the results of a second shoot.  My sense is though, it will worth the wait.