Friday, June 5, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 6th

Kubo by Bodytorium
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Happy Birthday today June 6th

Happy 50th to actor Randy Becker!

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Love! Valour! Compassion! (1997)

Ad Men

Need To Towel Off?

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Spring Awakening: Kubo by Bodytorium

'This spring, Kubo finally turned 18.'

Many FH readers remember Kubo,  when I previewed his work with Phil this past April. (The Dreamer)  Kubo is close friends with several of the other models, (Andrew, Lukas N, Lukas K and Robert.) Phil has worked with.  Kubo had heard their stories about working with Phil and the fun and adventure they had on their shoots. and was eager for his 18th birthday to arrive so that he could join them on Bodytorium, and give modeling a try for himself.

Phil first met Kubo last fall when meeting up with mutual friend Lukas K.  Phil shares that on first impression, Kuob was sweet and charming, and really liked to talk. Although he may look innocent, Phil could see Kubo had a good head on his shoulders and was very mature and independent for his age. Eager to begin modeling, they discussed a possible future shoot after Kubo turned 18 in the spring.

When discussing the shoot, Kubo came across as very open and comfortable with the nudity, but despite his enthusiasm, on the day of the shoot, nerves took over. Phil quickly realized that Kubo was actually quite shy, and was patient while Kubo worked up his nerve to take  his underwear off.

It helped that Kubo's buddy Lukas K, (who you can see on FH HERE:) had come to the photoshoot to help record some video. Phil had thought Lukas K would help put Kubo at ease, but he presence may have in fact done just the opposite.

Lukas spent much of the beginning of the shooting teasing Kubo and cracking jokes.  Instead of relaxing him, it actually seemed to make him more nervous, so much so, Phil eventually asked Lukas to go into the other room, so Kubo could have a bit of privacy in order to feel more open and comfortable.

Once those undies finally came off, Kubo became more at ease and relaxed, and could barely contain his desire to grin.  They eventually ended up outside, but given Kubo's initial nerves, Phil wanted to ensure he found a private location, one where Kubo wouldn't be bothered by spectator.  They did eventually find a relatively secluded spot in the forest, just a short hop from downtown Bratislava.  The results from their forest shoot, part 4 of Phil's work with Kubo, have just been added to the Bodytorium site. 

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Lukas K along for support