Sunday, April 20, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 20th

Easter with Frisky Frolic
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Happy Birthday today April 20th

Whoa, it's birthday 38 for actor Joey Lawrence!

Check out more of today's birthday boys HERE:


A Blessed Easter to all those marking the holiday and celebrating the  Day!

Silly Wabbits: A Frisky Frolic Easter


It was another holiday, Halloween, that first drew me to the work of JayBee from Frisky Frolic. While searing for sexy Ghosts, I came upon the artists Flickr Page and have been visiting on a regular basis every since.


Visiting Frisky Frolic on any time will brighten your day, but I especially visiting around the holidays. JayBee celebrates the holidays as he does most things, playfully and of course naked. This years series, Silly Wabbits will have you wanting to join Elmer Fudd on the hunt for a widdle wabbit of your own.


Favorite Click Of The Week: Xtreme Pump

Week1: Matt from Bathmate is taking us through his journey of training with the latest Bathmate Xtreme for the whole of 6 weeks. He is going to use the Bathmate Xtreme everyday, and post a video report each week to show off his results. This video documents his first training using the Bathmate Xtreme and here are his initial readings:

Week 1 (Flaccid) Length: 3.5″ Diameter: 1.2″

Week 1 (Post) Length: 5.4″ Diameter: 1.6″

Thanks to a poster at JAD, I was alerted to New Zealand's Matt and his six week video diary using Bathmate Xtreme penis pump. I can't endorse the pump, but I can endorse heading over to Bathmate to watch Matt's six week video diary using the pump.