Monday, October 22, 2007

Favorite Tattoo of the Day:

Favorite Current Hottie in Rewind: Milo Ventimiglia in Gilmore Girls

Before Heroes, Milo Ventimiglia spent a few seasons on the WB's Gilmore Girls. His character was fasinating and his story was a stand out of the series. Here is a look back at Milo during his Gilmore Girls days.

Two Current Pics of Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Ventimiglia in Gilmore Girls

MILO VENTIMIGLIA before and during Gilmore Girls


I loved the Gilmore Girls, some of the best writing on television and Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop stole every scene they were in. In episode 62 from Season 3, 'Keg Max', Milo and Jared Padalecki get into a full brawl over Rory (Alexis Bledel) I swore when watching you got a peek at Milo's crack during the fight. Anyway, simple minds I know, but I did a few caps, is it just me, or do you see it. So far that is all we get from Milo. Get the DVD's if you have not caught this amazing show. (You might have to click on the pic to see the bigger version.)


Ok, Brokeback Mountain was a good movie. I would not say great, but good. I certainly would not say I was bored watching it, but something about it did not hold my interest. The performances were good and their were some powerful scenes, but something about all the awards and attention it got bothered me.

To me, my favorite part of Brokeback were the nude pics of Heath that came out prior to the movie. These pics were of Heath and Jake's body double (Damn), filming the scene where they jump off the cliff while swimming. These are the first full frontals of Heath that I have seen, and although I am sure he was pissed, they added buzz thoughout the net and sparked a lot of anticipation about the movie and what nudity might be included.

Well, the pics did not prove to be a foreshadowing of nudity in the film. Again I say something about the movie bugged me. Maybe it was all the press fasination with the kissing and sex scenes between two men. It got boring to listen to the answers and Jake and Heath seemed bugged by the questions and attention in the end, maybe even embarrassed. I do not fault them really, the sex scenes take up a few minutes of a very long story and seemed to take attention away from the performances. I think Jake Gyllenhaal has been in better movies, Donnie Darko (above) to name one. Jake is a well liked actor, but has to be careful with roles as sometimes he seems hit and miss in his bringing his characters to life.

Heath Ledger is a great actor, and for my money was more powerful in his role in Candy (above) as a drug addict trying to put his life together. Regardless I just feel there are other great movies about gay life which are better told, better acted and deserve the attention Brokeback got. (Latter Days, below is just one of many). It is great the two Hollywood stars brought so much attention to this love story, but in someways I feel it may not have helped as much as hurt. Just my thoughts.

Now of course the Heath Nudes were not the best part of the movie, but they were my favorite part.

Favorite Male Model of The Day: Oct 22nd Andres Velencoso Segura


Andres Website:


With 62% of the vote, you chose JESSE METCALFE as the Desperate Housewife guy you would do if you could. Look for the next poll!

Favorite Soon To Be Hunk: Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes, the UK actor who made a splash Stardust is soon to be leading the The Chronicles of Narnia movies as Prince Caspian. I am thinking he is going to take off big.

Ben Barnes Website:


Coming in May

Favorite Hunk for Oct 22nd SAM JAEGER

There is something adorable about Sam Jaeger. Sam has run the guest star route on television, but is best known for his role in Catch and Release. He is also a talented writer and film maker. He will be co-starring with Victor Garber in the ABC midseason show Eli Stone. I have yet to find a shirtless cap, but if anyone can help, please let me know.

Sam Jaeger in Catch and Release

Ok, I saw nothing remotingly interesting about Timothy Olyphant in this movie. Jennifer Garner should have picked Sam Jaeger.

Sam Jaeger In Even

Sam is not only a talented actor but writer and film maker as well. This short may let you know why I feel about him as I do.

Favorite Sports Guy of the Day: TOM BOONEN

I love Belgian cyclist Tom Boonen, not only is he a champion cyclist but also has a great smile, and has no problem showing his great ass.