Friday, November 11, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 11th

Image by Marlen Boro
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Happy Birthday today November 11th

Happy 37th Leonardo!

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Just Because: The Ratner Debacle

Much has been made the past 48 hours of leaving/firing of Brett Ratner from this Oscars. Many are crying Hollywood hypocrisy comparing a perceived acceptance of Roman Polanski's actions vs the condemnation of Ratner's words. I don't quite get the comparison between someone who raped at 13 year old and someone who made a homophobic comment??? No one is suggesting Ratner be jailed or executed, the two stories, the two actions should not be compared.


I was saddened by the amount of people who wrote off his comment because the 'know him' or are his 'friend'. Just when you begin to think things are starting to change people who should know better are defending his actions. Now let me clear, I am glad he is not producing the Oscars but not because of his comments. I personally think he should not have left/been pushed out. His words obviously were out of line and should have been slammed, but then it is time to move on.

I am glad he is not producing the show because I am simply not really impressed with much of his work as a producer and director. I also am a huge fan of Eddie Murphy's talent (love watching his old SNL work), but not a fan of the man himself. I find the actor smug and just a little bit odd and even a little scary. I am glad Billy Crystal is back on board and I know he will have more than a few jokes about the whole thing.

It is a bit ironic though that Ratner's replacement is Brian Grazer. I am a fan of much of Grazer's work, but earlier this year you may remember he had gay groups up in arms himself with a gay joke from 'The Dilemma', which despite the outcry, Grazer left in the movie.

Classic Playgirl: March 1977

Speaking of 70's, I can't think of a better head of 70's hair that that being sported by 1977 Playgirl Discovery James Dexter. Blonde blue eyed James (Jimmy) was shot by photographer Norbert Jobst for the magazine's March edition. What intrigued me, in addition to great face and hot body, was the quote about his mother. I am not too up on 70's country singers, anyone have any idea who they're talking about?

'The resemblance to his famous singer mother is striking---when you know who he really is. Same pale blonde hair, same almond shaped gray-blue eyes that look out at you from the jackets of dozen best-selling Country Western albums. Jimmy Dexter hasn't seem very much of his mother in the past five years, since she started collecting all those gold records, she's busy traveling all over the country.'

'Besides, she gives her age as 31 and since Jimmy is 19, it makes it rather awkward for her. 'That' show biz' Jimmy says ruefully. 'She writes great songs about becoming liberated but she can't admit she's 40.'

Sound's like the perfect hook for a country song to me!

Twelve Thirty : Redux

Last week I posted the first caps that came out of the incredbily talented Jonathan Groff from the recent release of Twelve Thirty. This week, with the release of the DVD and clips available, I made my own. (sigh)