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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 27th


Happy Birthday today April 27th

Happy Birthday today to model Artem Shcherbakov!

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Above: Artem by Bruce Weber

Big Shoes to Fill....

When I featured the work of artist Alberto de Chirico earlier this month, (HERE:) I had an extremely hard time narrowing down images for the piece.  Thankfully, Alberto generously supported my using some of the extras that I just couldn't not share.  This is one of Alberto's early studio shots.

A Reynolds Recognition

'There are no awards in Hollywood for being an idiot.'
Burt Reynolds

I was never really a fan of actor Burt Reynolds.  His heyday in the movie business was a little before my time but my father loved his movies, especially his westerns and Smokey and the Bandit films.  I tend to dislike actors whose fame is based on inflated masculinity, and Reynolds was known for his stereotypical masculinity qualities.  

That masculinity however, is something I've learned to appreciate as I get older.  I don't mean toxic-masculinity or testosterone fueled control or force, but a more organic masculinity you can feel in some men.  I recently watched the 2020 documentary on Burt Reynolds and found myself with a new appreciation for the iconic sexy symbol. 

I was most struck by the story about the actors iconic 1972 Cosmopolitan centerfold.  I wasn't aware it began with an appearance on The Johnny Carson Show.  One of the guests was Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown and when she asked Reynolds about doing the centerfold, he agreed.

Reynolds felt that given how objectified women were, it was time to turn the tables.  Reynolds was also given final approval of the image chosen.  Although readers took the naked centerfold very seriously, for the actor, it all in fun and he felt the fur rug sort of made it more tongue and cheek.  

One of the reasons Reynolds went ahead was because he just completed the film Deliverance.  The actor had been working hard to land serious roles, and given the film was now done, felt he had a bit of room to take the risk of the centerfold.  Turns out, although the centerfold brought fame and notoriety, it also had a negative impact.  Most agree it led to Reynolds being left out of that year's Oscar nominations as the centerfold caused many Academy voters not to take him seriously.  I wasn't really aware of the risks that came with this iconic image of the male form.

FaVorites: Jeremy Webb

'I'd love to share my controls with a special someone...'

After graduating high school, Jeremy Webb was ready to make a career decision and ended up joining the armed forces.  After taking his entrance exams, the 5'10" 170 pounder learned his scores indicated he should train as a pilot.  Within days, he was inside a cockpit.

Jeremy Webb: Also known in print and video as Dart Davis, Dart Stone, David Stone,  Rob Parks, Shane Slater and Chase Rivers

In addition to his many spreads in Playgirl, Webb also graced the pages of Advocate Men (04/96), Indulge 035 (12/98), Playguy (08/97, c), and Men (04/03).  On video, Webb appeared in titles including: Wrestle Club (Erotica), Spike It Naked (Sharpshooter Studios, 1996)  Man Country (Under the name of Shane Slater), Man to Man  and Erotic Centerfolds #2.  He's done solo JO videos.