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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 15th

Tristan by TR Pics
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Happy Birthday today May 15th to:

Happy Birthday to Thibault Lacroix who turns 26 today.

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Kudos to Julianna Margulies & The Good Wife

The last few weeks have been so busy I have missed many of my favorite shows. Today as the rain poured down I started sanding and staining my desk and bookcase. (something I have been trying to get done for a year). While I worked I watched the last three DVR'd episodes of The Good Wife. I have written before of my love for this show. The writing is and execution are smart and compelling and I love a show that forces you to pay attention. The complex emotional layers all of the characters play are so far ahead of anything else on the big three networks.

I have always loved Julianna Margulies but don't think I appreciated her talent as much watching Alicia finally reach the end of her rope. Margulies is incredibly restrained, especially in her scenes with Kalinda (Archie Panjabi), making her hurt all the more powerful. If you don't watch The Good Wife your missing a truly great piece of drama.

The Good Wife on FH:
Why I Love The Good Wife:
Kudos to Karen Hall:
The Men Of The Good Wife:
Falling In Love Again: Josh Charles:
Favorite Guy from The Good Wife: James Carpinello

R.I.P Brothers & Sisters

I know the last season or two have been lacking creatively but I am still saddened at the cancellation of Brothers & Sisters. The show was a bit of a throwback, an hour long family drama. When at it's best it was character driven when it faltered it was usually when the producers focused on story lines not rooted in the core members of the Walker family. For some reason Ken Olin and company insisted on finding creating new brothers and sisters and playing with paternity when the original five siblings were really enough to spotlight.

The actors were top notch and some of the scenes were tv's most powerful. There are stand out hours in the shows first three seasons that ABC really should have promoted more. I think the show could have had a few more years if Greg Berlanti were still it's showrunner. I was hoping for the abbreviated season ABC was trying to put together but ultimately it never came together. R.I.P Brothers & Sisters, you will be missed!

Point-n-Shoot: Tristan by TR Pics

Last month I was fortunate to be able to showcase the work of Tom Rubeck from TR Pics ( Sam Devries By TR Pics). In that feature I talked about the respectful and authentic way Tom presents his subjects. Tom talked about being drawn to more 'exotic' looks and that highlighting Masculinity is one of the goals in his work.

I think Australia's Tristan Hamilton might just the perfect example of the exotic masculinity Tom discussed. Tristan began his career in the spotlight at the age of 18 touring Queensland in the model/dance extravaganza Fashion With Flair. Tristan went on to begin a film career at the Academy of Film & Television in Queensland. Tristan has appeared in many short films, television appearances and the Australian version of Temptation Island. In 2008 Tristan wrote and directed the short film 'Daddy's Boy'.

'After initially having a 'promised' budget of $53,000 with a professional cast & crew I had a falling out with my executive producer over artistic clashes. Making films is an art of compromise BUT a filmmaker can only bend over so far, and I'm a top! So not being a quitter, I got my close friends together with false promises of fame & fortune and made this little film on $300! There are only 2 professional actors involved (thnx Murton & Ally!) and the 2 leads, Blaise Macdonald who plays Justin and Iain Abbott who plays Win had never acted before but delivered performances I couldn't have bought.'
Tristan Hamilton

You can watch Daddy's Boy on Youtube HERE:

'Tristan is a great guy. I had seen him on Model Mayhem, and when I found out I had a trip to Australia for my work, I contacted him about shooting. The shoot itself was very simple... in fact almost embarrassing. I did not have my regular camera equipment and lights with me. Because of some extra things I ended up having to take on the trip with me, I was left to shooting him with my tiny little Canon point-n-shoot. I kept apologizing, and we laughed about it, but it actually turned out okay.'
Tom Rubeck

'We shot in my hotel room in Melbourne. Because I didn't have any professional lighting with me, I unscrewed some of the lamp shades off the lamps, and made do. The whole shoot lasted only about an hour. He has a great sense of himself, and knows how to work the camera. One of the things I loved was that despite his great looks and incredibly toned body, he has this wonderfully buoyant personality. The images we created are very smoldering, and they have this raw edge to them. That is in part, of course to this man's physique, but also due to the graininess of the camera and the low-light setting. Although I wouldn't choose to use this camera with a model again, I do like the feel and mood these images have.'

Thanks to Tom for again sharing his work with FH! Check out more of TR Pics on ModelMayhem HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 14th

LOVE this shot of Chris Brown by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca.

Happy Birthday today May 14th

The creator of many of my boyhood fantasies and dreams George Lucas turns 67 today!

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Bassili by Dylan Rosser

'Bassili is based in Toronto and I was in LA at the time. It was February and the thought of going somewhere so cold to shoot was not appealing, BUT it turned out he was heading to Miami for a vacation so we decided to meet up there instead. Bassili is a very sweet, laid back guy and it was his first time doing a full frontal shoot. He seemed to find the experience quite liberating and we got some cool shots.'
Dylan Rosser

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