Thursday, September 26, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 27th

Kevin by JW Johnson
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Happy Birthday today September 27th

Happy 35th to actor Giulio Berruti!

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Along the Path

Prime Time Supporters: Spencer Daniels

I always thought actor Spencer Daniels was cute on Mom, but I never really watched the show enough to appreciate his many talents. I have a bit of block when it comes to most of Chuck Lorre's shows due to what I feel is lazy writing. At 2 a.m however, when sleep eludes me, I get less picky... After seeing a recent repeat of the sit-com, an episode (Zombies and Cobb Salad) which had Spencer's character Luke walking around in his tighty whities, I decided a little more research was in order!

I hadn't realized Daniels played a young (12 year old) Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button as well as his appearances as child star on Judging Amy, Cold Case and MADTV. When he got a little older, Daniels had a short stint on The Office as well as roles on CSI Miami, Crash, Big Love, Major Crimes and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The talented young actor also appeared on the big screen in Star Trek, This is 40 and Wolves at that Door.

The Office

Mom (2013)

As critical as I can be about Lorre's writing, he did decided that the adorable Spencer should be shirtles or in underwear in several episodes of Mom's first few seasons. I didn't expect to find any nude scenes, but was pleasantly surprised to find a brief mooning scene in the 2017 teen drama Pitching Tents. Check out the clip below.

Pitching Tents (2017)

Barn Burner: Kevin by JW Johnson

'Kevin was one of those models you dream of finding and working with... One of those boy next door types that you have an image of in your mind that you want to work with...'

You;ll understand by checking out these shots of Kevin with his hard.... hat, why I initially thought of featuring him on Labour Day.  After spending a bit more time on JW Johnson's site, searching for more shots of Kevin, I decided an Autumn unveiling would be a better choice.  Much like myself, Kevin loves hanging out in barns.  Unlike myself, who worries about ticks and cow shit,  Kevin loves to hang out in that barn completely naked.

FH readers might remember my writing previously about my love of barns and farms.  Although I live in the country now, and encounter barns almost on a daily basis, I grew up in the city and a trip to the country was a special occasion.  We generally headed as a family to the country once a year, in the early fall.  It was an annual car trip to apple pick and check out the fields of bailed hay and pumpkins.  Even today, the smell of a barn on a crisp Autumn day, takes me immediately back to that excited kid in the car.

Kevin not only looks especially scrumptious in the barn, he also looks right at home. I love Kevin's teeth and smile, and his big beautiful eyes.  If you're a regular FH reader, you may remember a little about the barn, JW utilized for so many of his shoots.  The barn, and surrounding farm, belongs to close friends of JW's who welcomed him to shoot there.  JW brought countless models to the location and I can only imagine the owners on the day of each scheduled shoot.

I imagine them looking out their window, peaking between the curtains as JW drove up, anticipating checking out the hot new model who was about spend the day hanging out naked on their property.  I am guessing those were great days for gardening, mowing, or cleaning out the stalls.  Tasks, usually boring and mundane would take on a whole new meaning with the motivating visuals.

JW originally connected with the motivating visual while shooting in Arkansas.  Kevin was attending schooling in the KC area and although he had never modeled before, had always wanted to give it a shot.  They began the shoot inside, and Kevin loved the barns set so much, JW knew they had to shoot in a real barn on the farm.  The only downside to working with Kevin was that it was cut short with no follow-up shoot due to Kevin having to quickly return home to help with family matters.  JW says they have kept in touch, and is still hopeful they might one day get to schedule that second shoot.

'Kevin had good looks combined with hot swimmers build, nice cock and ass, and a charming personality...the whole package...a dream come true!  Kevin was all of that and more!'