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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 21st

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Happy Birthday today May 21st

Happy 25th to diver Tom Daley!

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Tom and diver Matty Lee, one of my favorite of of Tom's diving partners.

Room With A View


Michael Welch in M.F.A.

It's always a little odd when actors we're introduced to as kids grow up to be men we crush and check out.  Actor Michael Welch began acting when he was just 10 years old, his first role on television, playing a younger version on Niles on an episode of Frasier.   Most of us, got to know Michael at the age of 16, when he played Luke on Joan of Arcadia.

Michael made his first appearance on FH back in 2008, with a post celebrating his 21st Birthday. (HERE:)  Today, Michael is 31, and two years ago at 29, Michael had a frontal in the film M.F.A. Last month I featured Kyler Pettis and his nude scene in the film, .(HERE:) but given I mentioned Michael in that post, thought I should follow-though and post a few caps from his scene.


Although naked, Michael's nude scene wasn't exactly a romantic one, just the opposite in fact.  I've edited down the video to just the end, but you can check out the full scene on Scenes of Male Skin HERE:

З Днем Народження: Sergey by Richard Rothstein

'He speaks with his body.'

Although FH, and the images and stories within, are focused on imagery of the male form, relationship is an underlying theme of almost every piece I've written.  The relationship between viewer and art, art and society, but I think most important of all, the relationship between artist and subject.

I'm constantly asking photographers how and why.  How die you come up with that theme or concept, why did you choose to work with that particular model, what was it about that model that inspired or nudged your creative impulses.  The answers aren't always that interesting, many photographers shoot a model once, and it one and done.  They liked their look, the way they moved.  After one shoot, even a successful one, they move to the next idea, the next concept and the next model.

Most images are not inspired and created by mentors and muses, but some of my favorites shoots, most definitely are.  With mentors and muses, there is not just one shoot, but numerous opportunities to create, to challenge, to push boundaries and grow as a creative team.  Visions are explored, some tired, then dropped, others developed, created and completed.

Over the last two years, New York photographer Richard Rothstein has envisioned, developed, created and completed dozens of creative concepts, and for many, collaborated with the multi-talented and visually ethereal Sergey, to both fulfill, and inspire his creative vision.  I feel fortunate, to have featured over 20 of these collaborations over the past two years.

It has been fascinating to watch the changes in relationship between artist and model, especially it's impact within the work.  It has nothing really to do with Sergey's body, Sergey was naked in the first piece I did, and as a dancer, has always moved beautifully in front of the camera.   What's changed, is how Richard views the body in front of him, and the ways in which both artist and model have pushed each other to cross more boundaries, push more limits, and seek out new and creative ways of telling their stories.

''I really feel like the camera is engaged in a passionate conversation when we shoot. And I think that is because of the connection between us and the affection between us. When we work together there’s a really special chemistry that blends humor, wit, sensuality and imagination. We are working to create something beautifully surrealistic, but we also work to please each other. All of that makes our collaboration special and surprising—at least for us.'

Richard has utilized his muse in numerous different stories and themes, I think one of my favorites being the retelling of classic fairy tales and fables for audiences once not apart of the stories.  I also loved how Sergey's journey as an immigrant from Kharkov, Ukraine has played out in so many stories.  Sergey's pride, freedom and equality  powerfully visible in so many of his images and maybe most of all the joy he feels with the new life he's built, and the relationships he made, since coming to New York. 

Today being Sergey's birthday, seemed a perfect time to celebrate the last two years of creative collaborations, and to  feature this new set of images that Richard has entitled Rainbow.  A rainbows power is both visual, and spiritual.  This series highlights both the darkness that precedes, and the cascading colors and light that come, when a rainbow materializes after a storm.  The details captured, of light and color over skin, are memorizing, and the sexual power and strength Sergey absorbs from the spectrum of light and color is erotically charged and electric.

Sergey by Richard Rothstein



Check out the second part of this shoot, the wet part....

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 20th

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Happy Birthday today May 20th

Happy 59th to actor Tony Goldwyn!

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R.I.P Game of Thrones

'A lion does not concern himself with the opinion of sheep.'
Tywin Lannister

Games of Thrones is over, and as with all great things that end, the reactions are mixed.  GOT was my favorite television shows, possibly ever.  Now that might change, but for now, despite the uneven final season, it stands.  There were so many surprises over the last eight seasons, so many shocks, so many dramatic moments and so many incredible dialogue exchanges, often featuring the phenomenal Diana Rigg.

'Art is no a democracy. People don't get to vote on how it ends.'
George R.R. Martin

The Twitter on on-line hate for the show got so ridiculous, I had to stop reading.  I get that it speaks to the passionate fans, but the show was truly so brilliantly put together, acted, written and produced, there was no way the final episodes could have satisfied everyone.  Glad they did't try.  I admit the final season was rushed, the pacing was inconsistent with how patient the writing for the first six seasons were.  Viewers got used to the slow build, it took six years for the Stark family to fully reunite and seven, for Jon and Dany to finally meet.  Once everyone was finally together, it made sense to me, time would start moving at a lightening fast pace.  It was jolting at times, but I overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the epic ride, start to finish.

Media Men: Zach Bohmer

'If you want good conversation, dogs, gym motivation, a cute butt and smiles subscribe! But if you’re looking for pure smut, you’ll be disappointed.'

Dogs, a great smile, and an incredibly cute butt are just fine with me!  Zach Bohmer might look like a slightly older Jonathan Lipnicki, but his adorable face and smile are just the angel at the top of an incredibly hot tree. 

It's always interesting when people do before and after shots, especially after a focus on their body and working out.  Some guys seem to lose their 'light' when the gym becomes a focus, it's almost as if when the muscle mass increases, their sense of humor and fun decreases.  Maybe it's the restrictive diet...   Zach maybe stacked, but he hasn't lost any of his spark, it's clear by the twinkle in his eye.

Men At Work:

Remaining Shots by NightsinWeho

Shower Light: Sergey by Richard Rothstein

Da Man in the Mirror