Thursday, April 13, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 14th

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Orange Covered Mini Eggs

One of my favorite models, Igor Kolomiyets, rockin the bunny ears, and the orange boxer briefs!


If like me, you thought Ozzy being voted out, would provide the main drama on last nights Survivor, you were mistaken. Last night's tribal counsel was one of the most emotional 15 minute or so I have ever seen on reality television. It proved both the mediums power and ability to positively spotlight difference and diversity, and the horror of the mediums ability to magnify how far some (not just Varner, but the producers...) go to exploit others for the almighty dollar. It was beautiful and horrifying and I was riveted.

FaVorite FiVe: Adam Peaty

Many of you who watched last summers Olympics in Brazil may have taken notice of British swimmer Adam Peaty. During the games, Peaty won the gold medal in the 100m breaststroke, the first time a Brit won the medal in 24 years.

Adam is absolutely gorgeous to me, with a cute adorable 'boy next door' face and grin and a body, that from the waist down looks more like a body builder than a swimmer. Those incredible legs of his I am sure help Adam fly through the water and also have given him the nickname, Adam 'Meaty' Peaty'. ESPN, you know to who to call for your next body issue!

Harmony & Tension: Doug by Studio MG Photography

'I have no idea how his butt can be so white since all three times I've seen him, he's been naked at the beach!'

We've all heard horror stories of people meeting up with others on-line. The biggest issue many experience is the disconnect between someone's on-line biography and the person they end up actually meeting. I encounter this from time to time when profiling models, actors and artists for FH. I have had more than a few models describe themselves as dancers, who, in their images anyway, move about as elegantly as a cat forced into a bathtub.

I have also encountered several photographers who describe their philosophy as striving to capture the inner beauty and soul of the their subjects. Yet... then follow this description by then sending on a series of dick shots in which the man connected to that particular penis, barely visible or seen. I strive within my own life to have a strong connection with 'self.' Meaning, I know why I do what I do, and am aware of what I present to those around me. I think that is one of the reasons I so love the work of Mark from Studio MG Photography.

I photograph for fun - to create the unexpected - to surprise the viewer and to make the model shine. The goal is unique and sexy art! I specialize in the male form, and typically with a stylized or sculptural flair. My work is less about who the subject is, and more about their lines and curves. Wardrobe is minimal, if included at all. The look I try for is reasonably timeless...'

There is no veneer, nor any razzle-dazzle required, Mark's focus on lines and curves is clean, direct and visually eye-catching. Mark's imagery is also intensely erotic. Although enjoyable to view the male form when photographed posed or still, it is that much more satisfying, and often visually more dramatic, to view those lines and curves in motion. For Doug, the lines and curves his body creates are derived from his passion and study of yoga.

Patanjali, often called the Sage behind the Sutra, describes yoga as 'the progressive quieting of the fluctuations of the mind.' It is total connection to self, and then ,through the practice of yoga, intentionally disconnect from the negative feelings and sensations that cause us so much anxiety and emotional pain. In doing so, Patanjali believes we are then open to experience our true self. When viewing Mark's images of the Maui based yoga student and instructor, it seems clear that Doug has reached a place spiritually, that so many of us continue to strive for.

I love Doug's look, especially his man bun, and the way he is able to display strength, stamina and agility in his movements, moments of motion and body holds. Doug is also an andacrobat, handbalancer, and aqua enthusiast, all physical pursuits that are routed in balance and control. Balance and control are also core in the formation of spectacular lines and curves, making Doug and ideal subject for Mark to capture. Mark and Doug had not planned on shooting, but after a chance meeting on the beach, 12 hours later... the creating commenced.

'Before vacation on Maui last year I did a model search for the island. I wasn’t looking to do any shooting this trip, but it’s always nice to see who is around too. That’s where I discovered Doug. I complimented one of two of his photos, but didn’t suggest a shoot. Mike and I often linger on Little Beach - the gay/free-sprit/nude beach - until sunset, making our way back as the last of the light fades from the sky. As we’re sitting there maybe an hour before sunset a couple walks along the waterline - the guy looks vaguely familiar - trailing a photographer. The photographer proceeds to shoot the female model along the rocky shore and in some tide pools, as she goes through a series of amazing acroyoga poses. Occasionally the guy jumps in for a duo pose, but it is really her shoot. A quick check of instagram on my phone verified that it was Doug I was seeing, with his girlfriend.'

'They returned to the beach just after sunset, where the photographer continued working with her in the water with the colorful sky behind. Meanwhile I introduced myself to Doug since he was idle at the moment, and he couldn’t have been nicer. Within a few minutes we had agreed to meet at sunrise the following morning, when it would be his turn to shine for the camera.'

'Mark and I shot at a secluded beach in Makena, on the south side of Maui. It was a particularly calm and beautiful morning, around am or so. I was excited to work with Mark, who I had met on that same beach only about 12 hours earlier while I was shooting acrobatics with another photographer, because he was interested in me expressing myself through my yoga practice.'

'Sunrise on the beach is magical. No one else is there and the only sounds are the birds in the trees and the waves gently breaking on the beach. As the sky loses it’s pink tones and the first first rays of the sun warm our skin Doug drops his clothes and welcomes a new day. He started with a series of stretches, gradually leading up to more and more complex balancing moves and acroyoga poses. This was Doug's morning and I was just there to capture the magic he created. My only input was limited to occasionally positioning him against a different aspect of the scenery to take advantage of the changing light.'

'That is my ideal type of photoshoot. We shot for about an hour and a half starting in the sand and working out way across the beach to a more wooded area and ended in the water. It was a very enjoyable shoot for me, Mark has a great eye for capturing the beauty the poses add to the natural surrounding of such a special place. I am grateful for the opportunity to create this art with him and look forward to doing it again soon!'

'All too soon a few beach goers began arriving and the spell was broken. Doug let his hair down and jumped into the water too cool off after his workout. I felt privileged to witness what felt like his private ritual as he welcomed a new day with serenity and beauty and gratefulness.'