Sunday, June 3, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 3rd

Tom by Ming Li Photo
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R.I.P Neighbour

I have not watched Desperate Housewives in awhile but I loved watching Kathryn Joosten and Nicolette Sheridan play off each other. Joosten played televisions everyman neighbour, a familiar face on many shows and was able to perfectly balancing the crotchety with the endearing, a difficult task not all character actors are so skilled and successful at. R.I.P Neighbour.

Hoop There It Is!

Although the judges did not think it was exactly dancing, this weeks SYTYCD featured circus performer David Matz who was pure artistry on the Cyr Wheel. David's performance, from start to finish, music and skill was hypnotically beautiful. Dancing it was, dancing on air.

Risky Business: Ming Li Photo


'My objective is for the viewer to feel the very essence of the moment. It’s not necessarily about sharpness or exposure... it’s about the emotion you can bring out in someone.'
Ming Li Photo

After seeing the two shots of Tom below, as well as the pic of the day shot, I wasted no in contacting Albert from Ming Li Photo about featuring his work on FH. With more than a hint of stocking, I loved the effect Albert created by adding a touch of the feminine, with a strong dose of the masculine. Albert loves blending the two styles within his work and for some reason the stockings, and the lace blindfold in some of the images below, add another level of vulnerability, even a degree of risk, to Albert's images.

I did not know it at the time but I had actually featured Albert's work before. His latest work was a bit of a departure from what I remembered, more daring with a concentration on Albert's own creative vision. Albert believes that an essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. Whenever the fear of failure is removed from the equation so to are the limits we place on our artistry and imagination.


Based in New York, Albert works as a full—time art director and graphic designer. Throughout his career as an art director, he has collaborated with some of the most prominent photographers in New York. As amazing as that work was, Albert always knew he wanted to be the one behind the camera.

To follow his dreams, Albert left his full time position as the art director of one the biggest entertainment & arts advertising agencies and decided to take the next big step of following his own dreams. Self taught, Albert began by shooting portrait and fashion and his love for creating incredible images gave him the tools, and the inspiration, to continue to develop his personal vision of what his photography would be.

Be sure to check out more of Albert's work on ModelMayhem


Piranha Bobbit...

Ok, so I can't exactly recommend Piranha 3DD, I enjoyed it for what it was. Although I love me some killer fish, this film's gore quota is extremely high and without the charm of Steven R. McQueen who made the earlier Piranha watchable.

I did however enjoy delicious canuck Jean-Luc Bilodeau. His character Josh however, is not having the best of days... I think this is Jean-Luc's first nude scene and although for various reasons a prosthetic is needed for some parts, he still manages to pull off what the movie has him wearing, even with all the blood. Without giving away the grizzly details lets just say combining Penis with Piranha forces Jean-Luc to take matters into his own hands...