Thursday, January 5, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 5th

Carter by MStyles
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Happy Birthday today January 5th to:

Happy Birthday today to singer Sakis Rouvas who turns 40 today.

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And The Winner Is.....................

After a heated last couple of days of voting the winner of Model Search 2012 is....
Matthew Eldridge

Congratulations to Matt a huge thank you to all the models and to all those who voted!
Marlen and I will be announcing judges choice tomorrow!!!

Jack by Manuscript Photography

Something About Jack!
Jack Diesel by Manuscript Photography

I have been enjoying all the latest work from my friend at Manuscript Photography. In the last 12 months his portfolio has grown as an incredible showcase for his talent. Jack Diesel was shot by Manuscript Photography last fall and I am happy to be able to share the results. As you can see, there is something about Jack that the camera just loves!

'I drove up to his place in upstate New York near the Catskills without much of an idea what we would shoot. But when I saw the old tool shed behind his house, I knew we had a great location to work in. Jack has a lot of experience modeling and knew how to deliver the shots I wanted. His look is masculine and rugged, but he is a very easy-going guy. He's been one of the most popular of the models I've worked with.'
Manuscript Photography

Manuscript Photography on ModelMayhem

An Assumed Alias: Carter by MStyles

The Apartment Project: Carter

I have been fascinated with the work of MStyles since first spending time immersed within it last November. One of the things I have learned, and try to share and celebrate on FH is that photography and modeling are much more than the mainstream media, both print and web usually take the time to share.

If you pick up any given issue, of any magazine whose focus is men, who might be convinced that every photographer of the male form is more skilled at photoshop than the creating of an image. You might also be convinced in order to be a model you simply need a good gym, a good hair stylist and most importantly a good razor. It is almost as if the goal is to suck every and any personality and uniqueness out of a man instead of embracing and celebrating them.

My goal honestly is not to criticize. Admittedly I purchase many of these magazine regularly. Some of these photographers and models I respect and admire and have created some of all time favorite images. My point is that this is but one aspect of the artistry of photography, an aspect that often dominates the visual world.

What I have grown to love over the past several years are images which, and artists who, explore. Instead over covering and masking who a model is, brushing and editing over flaws, shining a light and celebrating the man both body and soul.

It could be argued that no one can be completely themselves in front of the camera, the lens itself automatically causes slight changes in blood pressure, body movement and expression. What the lens cannot help but do is to whisper to the brain and let it know 'your being watched'. With this whisper the brain, out of reflex and maybe protection, simply begins to tell the body what to do. 'Sit down', 'Don't look at the lens', 'stay still'. We do many of these things all the time, but generally without actively checking in with our brain first. Whenever any of us become aware we are being watched, especially by strangers, we instinctively take on an alias. Most do so to ensures we do not gain attention and sometimes to ensure we do.

MStyles has not been able to totally quash the whisper but he has been able to quiet it down. With The Apartment Project, he has been able to lesson many of the changes a body goes through in a studio or location by keeping them in the place most of us are at our most comfortable, home. One of my favorites from The Apartment Project was his work with Carter. Carter is a natural in front of MStyle's lens and simply describes himself as 'just a young art model from VA passionate about art'.

'Carter and I came up with these image as part of an ongoing series of shoots I've labeled The Apartment Project. This series was born out of my lack of a permanent studio, and an aversion to getting bogged down in spending hours setting up lights, dressing sets, and digging through tons of wardrobe selections. For the most part, each shoot is done with the model, in their apartments using available light, natural surroundings, and everyday wardrobe.'

'This method has given birth to a number of spontaneous, realistic images that I feel are devoid of pretense, and take on the unique character of both home and inhabitant. They kind of are what they are, and I'm very proud of them. As I am quickly reaching the point where I feel I've exhausted the concept, I'm looking to compile the best of these images into a book sometime soon, and move on to new endeavors.'

'Carter's images stand out to me as a highlight, because the guy is a photographer's dream - leading man good looks, an athlete's physique, and the spirit of an artist which makes him not only insanely collaborative, and creatively giving, but absolutely uninhibited and not easily intimidated by the camera. In fact, Carter knows exactly how to play to the camera without even seeming like he's doing it, and that's what makes his photos so special to me, because they seem to capture him as himself, at his best.'

'MStyles was so easy to shoot with, I felt totally relaxed. He let me create the vibe and navigated our course together with camera in hand.'

Be sure to check out more of MStyle's work on ModelMayhem and his site An Assumed Alias.