Thursday, July 5, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 6th

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Beyond This Point....

KJ Got Back

Riverdale's KJ Apa knows in order to have the perfect beach bod, especially one that allows you to roll around in the sand with your pants half off, working your back muscles is essential. KJ is passionate about his gym routine, and generous with sharing his hard work.

Naked & Free: 801fitnessfreak

'Not a care in the world when I’m out on my adventures - it’s my time to let go of all the stress of life and just enjoy the moment. Feeling young wild and free.'

The Net is crowded with great looking men and women vying for our attention. The most successful however, understand that creating a connection is the key. J, (801fitnessfreak) is not just incredibly hot, J is sexual force of energy who knows how to use his body, his charisma, his skills and his brain, to drive viewers into a state of cyber frenzy.

J doesn't just share photos and videos, he shares stories. The stories shared are both visual and cerebral, with some of the hottest stories sizzling through J's descriptions of his adventures and encounters. J's adventures are not restricted only to his bedroom, although there are many memorable moments created there.... J's a wanderer, and usually on the go, often hiking in the Mountains near his home. J likes nothing better than to be naked in the great outdoors, and more often than not, takes along a friend or two to share in the naked freedom.

One of J's most recent adventures, this one unplanned, was a trip to the ER for emergency surgery. J quite quite sick due to an infection from an abscess. High or morphine, J still managed to take a few snaps to document the experience. As horrible as it was for J, he did manage to capture some lighter moments, not to mention some hot moents of vulnerability.

'Recovering from emergency surgery in the ER... on the bright side - my male nurse was hot af.'

Never have I so wished I'd entered the medical profession...

'Splish splash. 💦mountain waterfalls... and some cold water shrinkage 😝🙊'

Arizona Adventures

'Naked hikes in my Utah mountains this weekend. Took an icy cold runoff water soak in this old tub to cool down from the summer heat.'

Rainy day exploration in the Arizona desert with @Ironaddict801

'Lost to the world... even if it was only for a moment. Sometimes it is hard to believe this is right here in my own backyard. This gives me life! So happy to be back out on my hiking adventures.'

You can check out more of 801fitnessfreak and his adventures on his Instagram HERE: & on Twitter HERE: If you're even more adventurous, head on over to see even more on his OnlyFans site HERE:

Dallas Keuchel: Pitch Hitter

Baseball is a game of inches

Last 4th of July I paid tribute to the great American pass time with some of my favorite shots of players with their bats & balls. (Major League) This 4th, I decided to spotlight a specific player, one I didn't expect to look so hot without their uniform.

Although Adam Rippon is getting a lot of attention in this years ESPN Body Issue, there are other athletes whose uniform removal is equally worthy of a little scrutiny. Houston Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel always looked handsome, but maybe somewhat hidden under the baseball hat, uniform and his big full beard. Although the beard remains, the hat and uniform are no where to be seen during his photo shoot for his magazine spread.