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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 3rd

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Happy Birthday today August 3rd

Happy 42th to Tom Brady

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I know these paparazzi shots are a few years old, but there still incredibly hot!

Pool or Ocean?

First two shots by Andriy

Today FH asks the burning question, do you prefer swimming in pools, or the ocean.  Now given it's FH, we have to clarify by swimming, we mean naked swimming, which means there are greater risks to certain body parts when it comes to chlorine rashes and jellyfish stings.  Below, check out my pro/con list, and enjoy the many visuals over the next two pages to help you with this incredibly tough decision.


Ocean:                                                    Pools:
Tons of room to swim                              Close proximity to other bodies
Waves yanking down suits                       Butt crack exposure 
Buoyancy                                               Diving board
Ocean air                                               Regulated temperature          
Hot Lifeguards                                       Hot lifeguards                                     

Last two images by Getfitnoel


Ocean:                                                      Pools:
Jelly fish                                                   Chemicals
Fecal Matter                                             Urine
Salt in crevices                                         Chlorine in eyes, on skin
Under toe                                                Injuring yourself on concrete
Sharks                                                    Eels and leaches

Hawkins Community Pool:

Over the years of working on FH, certain professions continue to come up in connection to favorite hunks. Lifeguards certainly is one of them, and I've covered, and uncovered many lifeguards over the years. Australian actor Dacre Montgomery's pool side strut on the season three premier of Stranger Things had me wanting me to take another glance up at that lifeguard stand.

Stranger Things

Lifeguards on FH:

Watch This! Angelspins by Mike Tossy Photography

Pool rules:
You're not allowed to do anything that begins with the words... 
'Hey Everybody, Watch This!!!'

When it comes to pools and oceans, I couldn't think of a better model to visually demonstrate the pros and cons than AngelspinsFH readers are familiar with Angel, and his beautiful body his previous appearances on the site, including my series featuring Mike Tossy's pool work last summer. (End of the Season)  Angel also worked with StudioMGPhotography  for an ocean shoot, so pulling the two sets of images together seemed the perfect way to go.

Living in California, Angel is close to both swimming pools and the Pacific ocean.  I live on the other coast, with the Atlantic lapping the shores., Although I live only about thirty minutes from the ocean, I spent most of my childhood swimming in lakes and pools.  We lived by a lake, and when I couldn't swim there, (it often closed mid summer due to bacteria) we went to the local pool.  Heading the ocean was a once or twice summer time event.  A weekend day trip with the entire family, usually for just special occasions or long holiday weekends.

Swimming in my childhood lake, and that local pool, hold fond memories of handstands, cannonballs, guys in speedos and hot lifeguards. I still love a day at the beach but most of swimming these days is at the local universities pool.  Heading to the ocean and beach remains something rare and special.  In the area where I live, there is only about two months a year when the ocean water is warm enough to swim in, so you have to take your window when you can!

When it comes to being underwater however, it's a pool all the way.  Unless your snorkelling or scuba diving, being underwater at the beach doesn't hold the same appeal.  I don't think there's anything more peaceful, than being submerged in a quiet pool, at the bottom of the deep end.  It's almost as if your transported to another realm, even if just for those brief few moments that you can hold your breath.

Angelspins shares that so far, he's shot once with Mike, in the swimming pool, and twice with Mark, at the ocean, and in the infamous mattress room.  Angel shares that although they both have their own unique style, they also compliment each other beautifully and make a great creative team.

Angels shares that working with Mike was a ton of fun and he especially loved the unique experience of being shot underwater, a first for Angel in his modeling career.  It does begs the question, which body of water does Angel's body prefer....

'Pools or Ocean?  I think it depends on the ocean, I prefer the more Caribbean waters than the ones in California. As for pools, as long as it’s a beautiful day I’m always ready to take a dip.'

If you enjoyed diving into the deep end with Angel and Mike Tossy, join him with StudioMGPhotography at the beach on PAGE 2 HERE: 

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 2nd

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Happy Birthday today August 2nd

Happy 24th to model and reality star Eyal Booker!

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Seasonal Sightings

HunKs in Speedos

Some long time FH readers might remember that FH actually started as a Yahoo Group.  Although like MySpace and mIRC, Yahoo Groups are pretty much dead, they were at one time very popular, and for me, a great place to story images that I loved.  I didn't really intend for the group to have an audience, I used the group mostly as a place to store images, it was free, and incredibly easy to use.

When I first joined Yahoo Groups, I became a huge fan of Ash F, a Yahoo group user who had a number of groups, many focused on celebrities in speedos.  Ash F collected all those great shots of male celebrities, many from the 80's and 90's, who often wore speedos, especially when competing on many of the celebrity sporting shows from the era.

Although most of the hunks I feature in pools and oceans wear very little,  there is nothing hotter than a hot hunk in speedos.  Speedo shots also take me back to my childhood, when seeing a guy in tiny speedos on the beach wasn't as rare as it is today.  I have already linked to Ash F's site  Shirtless Bollywood Men, but only recently discovered he has put many of his speedo shots into another site devoted to the speedo.  Check out the link below!

Shifting Currents: Angelspins by StudioMGphotography

You don't have to stray
The oceans away
Waves roll in my thoughts
Pearl Jam

If like me, you believe everything stems from nature, everything we do, every move we make, everything we touch, eat, smell, feel and create.  They all honor, and are all a replication of something originated by rock, sand, water, weather, darkness, light, earth, wind and fire.  Movement and dance in particular replicate the movement of fire, wind and water.

With this in mind, you can see and feel the impact and energy of the crashing ocean waves in Angel's beach dance.  The ocean appears restless, and this restless force is channeled through Angel's movement, crashing, jumping, flying, still for only a few fleeting seconds to re-energize before another wave of energy crests and rolls over the sand.  Some of Mark's images of Angel almost looked incredibly unreal due to the height of his jumps and how light he appears.  It's as if the ocean breeze gusted, lifting him up, and carrying him across the sand.

Angelspins first connected with Mark (StudioMGPhotography) on ModelMayhem, and they soon began talking more on Instagram about working together. Being a dancer, Angel knew from Mark's images, especially his many shots of dancers and aerialists, that Mark knew how to beautifully capture the energy of a body in motion.

'Working with Mark was probably one of the highlights of my modeling career if I would call it that. He knew what he wanted and tried to get that from me. I think he really knows how to utilize a models strengths and highlights that in the photos. It was just a great experience overall.'