Thursday, December 24, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 25th

Mr. Herzog by Gordon Nebeker
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Happy Birthday today December 25th

Happy 70th to actor Gary Sandy!

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I wonder if the producers knew that many viewers were more interested in Sandy's protrusions than Loni's...  Check our more from the WKRP episode Dirty Pictures HERE:

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How richly God has decked thee!

When you read this, I will be surrounded by my ageing and very stubborn parents. Also my sister, my brothers, only one of whom I really like, as well as a few sister-in-laws and a nephew and niece I love to death. As I write this however, Christmas is still 4 days away and I am home on my couch with CNN on the television. Every year, I wish all the readers of FH a peaceful Christmas with moments. Those moments aren't about how many people are around you or how many gifts you get, they are about how you choose to spend the day. As much as I love my family, I often long for a Christmas without the family, something I know I will regret when that day actually comes. I have spent one Christmas alone, after a blizzard forced me to turn around on my way to my families and get off the highway and head back home. I didn't enjoy it.

I have always thought that for me, Holidays are really more about foreplay. The teasing and preparing for the big O that is the 25th. I love when the Christmas commercials start coming on tv, when the Grinch cartoon airs and when I have a night at home when I can pour a glass of wine and put in Love Actually. I love my work secret Santa, the lights all around my house and getting together with some of my close friends who I only get to see very often except when they come home for Christmas. I love planning what gifts I want to give, and how my family and friends might react when they open them. I also love hunting down holiday images to feature on FH.

Readers either love or loath my holiday extravaganzas, but like Christmas, it comes whether you want them or not... This year, I couldn't have been more grateful for all the visual gifts that I received. Gordon Nebeker has always been extremely generous, sharing with myself and FH. Gordon has shared so many of his images and so many stories about his work, process and how models have ended up in front of his camera. While Gordon was shooting Mr. Herzog last month, both model and photographer took time out of their shoot to capture a few holiday images exclusively for FH readers.

I think we all would love to sit in our most comfy chair, watching and enjoying our own Mr. Herzog trim and top our Christmas tree. Thanks to Gordon and Mr. Herzog for the perfect Christmas gift!  For all of you reading this today, whether surrounded by family or friends, or home alone. I hope regardless of how well the big O came off, you all had a month full of satisfying foreplay!

12 Days: Wonderful Life

Earlier this week I did a small blog piece mentioning that I didn't have time to do my usual 12 series that I have usually done around Christmas. As the day approached however, I was thinking I really would like to do at least one update to the series. When it came to choosing who, I can't think of any actor more people watch each Christmas than James Stewart.

I have to admit that I have never watched It's A Wonderful Life all the way through. I have seen the beginning and the ending many times, but for some reason never was drawn to watch the entire thing. I did buy the DVD this year, so plan on watching when things slow down for me after Christmas. I know for many this is the one movie they ensure to watch each Christmas, but in my home it was always Miracle on 34th street that drew my family around the television.

I do love Jimmy Stewart though, especially his sexy vulnerability in Rear Window. I also caught him in The Shop Around The Corner, a Christmas movie I really enjoyed. Jimmy Stewart may never have been known as a 'hunk', but like Tom Hanks today, he has a look and quality that sets him apart from herd of gun toting action stars that headline so many movies and television shows.

We need heroes who are not all testosterone driven killers, men whose strength is mentally and emotionally more than just muscle mass. For every John Wayne there is, we need a Jimmy Stewart, and for every Stallone, Segal and Van Damme.... we need a Hanks. This has never been truer than today.

Rear Window 1954

Cocks & Candy Canes: Hansel Wellington by Lights On Studio

'Everyone needs a hot body to look at when their stressed so it seemed like a great time to whip it out and spread some joy.'

Coming upon this set of holiday images proved to be a gift that gave in an abundance of different ways. First off, it gave me the chance to get model Hansel Wellington, spectacularly naked of course, back on FH! Some you might remember a series of pieces I did featuring Hansel and his work with JGH Photography a couple of years ago. Secondly, I get to feature the work of photographer Tom Nakielski from Lights On Studio.

I have been enjoying Tom's work for awhile and am thrilled to be able to feature his work with Hansel, especially these holiday images. Tom shares that Hansel was in his studio for a dual session with another model from Detroit. While they were waiting for the other model to arrive, Hansel suggested they do some shots with a Christmas theme, and had brought all of the props that we needed. 'Hansel has always been a joy to work with. Not only does he help in implementing my ideas, he takes them a step further and adds some embellishments and refinement to the outcome. It is refreshing to work with a model who is so involved with the session and contributes his creativity to the project.'

'Tom and I have worked together for several years now and we wanted to do a shoot celebrating the season with a little erotic cheer! Nothing says hot and sexy in the winter cold like some photos of cock and candy canes. The goal was to have some fun in the shoot and not to take Christmas so seriously. Our theme was definitely naught & nice! Tom is a great photographer and I think he really captured the mood I was going for. I love being nude and he loves taking photos--- so its a good combination.'
Hansel Wellington