Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 4th

Blake by msbimages
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Seasonal Sightings:

My Baking Boyfriend:

'Taking part in Bake-Off the most bizarre, surreal experience from start to finish.'

I have a special place in my heart for The Great British Bake Off.  The reality baking competition was one of the shows that helped get me through the early days when stuck at home during the pandemic.  I'm guessing like many of you, I like to have someone to crush on and root for when I watch a reality show.

Sometimes it's a woman, but it's usually a guy, and I've had many bake off boyfriends while watching over the years.  It's nice to have a cute guy to watch while he bends over his oven to peek at his pastries, check on his cakes, and pace nervously while he waits for his dough to rise.

For me, this year's it's 28 year old Matty Edgell.   The sports fanatic and physical education teacher is adorable with a great smile, and an equally pleasant demeanor.  Although he struggled with curdled  buttercream, his flavors got him through the first week.  I'm rooting for Matty, but if he goes early, I've got my eye on a back-up boyfriend.  Daryl, Tasha's BSL interpreter, looks yummy, and Daddy Dan took this weeks star baker.  It's early, lots of sweet treats to come.

Blond Ambition: Blake by msbimages

'Blake is probably the most "blond" model I have ever shot.'

It's been a few years since I showcased the work of Michal from msbimages, and I've really missed featuring his imagery.  Over the years, I've been fortunate to have featured dozens of Michal's shoots, (HERE:) and always looked forward to seeing he was working with, and what he created.

Michal is one of my favorite chroniclers of the male form, and the stunning beauty he captures with such skilled simplicity.  Michal's focus is on the male form in front of him, capturing the totality of their beauty with lighting and pose, and through portraits and stunningly pure body shots.

Unfortunately, like so many other artists, Covid caused Michal to pause shooting and seeking out new models to capture.  In addition, a series of professional and personal hurdles has make it difficult for Michal to get back to shooting as quickly as he'd hoped.  Michal and I have been discussing some ideas for some future post ideas, and fingers crossed Michal is back behind the lens before too long.

In the meantime, I asked Michal about digging into his archives for a shoot we could feature in the meantime.   At the top of my list was Michal's work with Blake.  I had asked Michal about doing a piece on his work with Blake before, but he wasn't sure if he had enough images he was really happy with.  Thankfully, Michal went back into Blake's file, and found a selection of shots he was supportive of sharing.

As stated, Michal captures his models in their entirety, and with Blake, I was most drawn to Michal's portraits.  Blake's captivatingly beautiful blue eyes stand out, especially in contrast to his light skin and blond hair.  Michal made sure to ask about his hair, and the 20 year old responded that his blond hair was all natural, and acknowledged he often gets asked about his hair.

Blake's blond hair, not to mention his handsome face and beautiful body, certainly make him a stand out, something he's going to need to achieve success.  The small town boy was modeling to earn money to move to New York or Los Angeles to fulfil his dreams to be an actor and entertainer.  

This was one of Blake's first professional shoots, and his first time taking it all off, and was initially a little shy and nervous about sliding out of his white Hanes briefs.  Once Michal began shooting however, Blake's confidence grew and determination and ambition took over.  Blake is driven to be successful in whatever project he takes on, or takes off, and doing well with his first shoot was very important to him.  Fingers crossed that drive leads to future success! 

Horror Hunks: The Swimming Pool scene from Bleed

'A young woman with murderous tendencies tries making new friends by joining an elite social club and in so doing, becomes the target of a masked killer bent on killing all her new friends.'

Tis the season, horror hunk season that is!  As I do every year, the rest of October will be devoted the hot hunks who lose their skivvies while running from machete wielding murderers, psychopaths and killer clowns.  This year, I'm starting with the 2002 horror film Bleed. 

Bleed was a straight to video rental that had the distinction of showing as much, or more, male skin as it did female.  This was rare in the early 2000's, and sadly equally as rare today.  Writer and director Devin Hamilton hired a slew of hotties, and got most of them out of their clothes in long swimming pool scene in the middle of the film.

Allen Nabors

Actor Allen Nabors played Chris in the film, and had his oversized swimming trunks yanked down early in the scene.  I hate using the word trunks, makes me think of my father, but there really isn't better word for the board shorts so many guys currently wear.

Recent shot of Nabors

As you can if you check out the images, and the video below, Nabors has an amazing bubble butt, shaped to perfection as he stands giving us a side view.  Nabors stopped acting professionally in 2014, but some of you may have seen him on shows including; Friends, Las Vegas, Ugly Betty, Days of Our Lives and as one of Penny's boyfriends on The Big Bang Theory

Giving us the best view was the ultra hot Danny Wolske who played Shawn, the male lead in the film.  With his blond hair and facial structure, Wolske epitomized the look of the hotties from the early 2000's.  The actor didn't do a lot of work post Bleed, but seems to be trying to launch a comeback in the last several years.  I'll be keeping an eye out for any upcoming projects. 

Danny Wolske

Recent headshot of Wolske

If you look closely at the video, you'll see a few quick full frontal flashes.  It's difficult to get a good view as I couldn't find a really decent copy of the film.  Given it was a video release, the best I could was a DVD copy I purchased on Amazon, but even that didn't have the greatest quality.  I did upload it on SendSpace if anyone wants to download it HERE: