Wednesday, March 2, 2011

TOTALLY ENGAGED: Gage Kemp by Marlen Boro

The Gentlemen of Maren Boro
Gage Kemp:

'I'm willing to try anything once, maybe twice depending on what it is, and how fun and exciting it is.'

20 year old Gage Kemp is new to modeling but his adventurous attitude towards life and his work makes him a perfect fit for the talent of Marlen Boro. Marlen says that although Gage is new to modeling he was so enthusiastic and game to try anything. Gage has an energy that lights up in front of the camera. Totally unique, totally hot, confident but with a hint of shyness peeking through his eyes and captivating smile.

Gage has been working hard the past month putting together his portfolio and beginning a website. Marlen and Gage have worked together three times and as always the results are incredible. I am partial to the shoot in front of 'the window', my favorite of the sets Marlen uses. Marlen has also done some incredible work with Gage and his fiance. Gage's shots were an instant hit with Marlen Boro fans and I knew I knew right away I wanted Gage on FH.

'Something clicked when I was building his slideshows - the wolf - Gage's hair, his intensity - it just works.'
Marlen Boro

It worked so well that Marlen has not released just one, but two slide shows featuring the hottest shots from his work with Gage! One was released yesterday, the second,which Marlen describes as an 'explosive exploration of horniness' was just posted today. As usual, the shots posted here on FH look tame compared to the shots that literally combust off the screen on Marlen's site. Check both shows out HERE:
You can also follow all of Marlen's new work on Facebook HERE:

'Working with Marlen Boro was a great experience, the best part is how fun and laid back the shoots are. Cant wait to do it again.'

Get to know a bit more about Gage and check out much more of his work:
On ModelMayhem HERE:
On Facebook HERE:
On Twitter HERE:
& his official Website HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 2nd

Happy Birthday today March 2nd:

Favorite Birthday Boys celebrating today March 2nd

Australian diver Matthew Mitcham turns 23 today.

Daniel Craig turns 43 today.

Also Celebrating today March 2nd:

Also Celebrating today March 2nd

Rugby's David Skrela turns 32 today.

German actor Tim Bergmann turns 39 today.

Jon Bon Jovi turns 49 today.

Favorite Magazine Photo of the Day.

Above: THE GRIEVERS by Mark Seliger
Timothy Hutton, Elizabeth McGovern, Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Sutherland, Judd-Hirsch and Robert Redford.

I did a previous post about my love Robert Redford's Ordinary People. (read that post HERE:). The movie made a big impact on me and I think Hutton's Conrad remains one of the film worlds best performances.

Recently Vanity Fair released their annual Hollywood Issue. Although there were some great articles in the issue, I found the Hollywood photo essay quite weak this year. Making up for this though the shot of the Ordinary People cast today.

Curiousity Killed The Tiger:..

It was interesting yesterday to see how many people I know, friends and family in real life and online and facebook 'friends' were 'following' Charlie Sheen on twitter.

Now I don't want to be a hypocrite I watched a bit of him on the Today show. I watched until I got that sick little feeling I have gotten before that this whole sad mess is being exploited by the media to suck every bit of garbage out of the story. It is also pretty interesting that Sheen stars on the top rated comedy the #1network CBS and that it was ABC and NBC spending so much time covering it's rival stars problems.

The story is a train wreck and sadly, given Sheen's present mental health state seems destined to end in tragedy of some sort. The media, and every individual who chose to press 'follow' on Sheen's twitter page are now officially enabling a troubled man. Each and every 'follower' helps prove that Sheen's inflated view of his importance is warranted.

Thumbs down, way down to NBC and ABC, not for covering the story, it is news. Thumbs down for the amount and type of coverage they are giving the story. Hours of interviews, prime time specials, promoting the interviews endlessly.

Why is it we rush to watch others as they fall? Again, I see the interest, I watched for a bit but all got a little too much for me. What Sheen really needs to get better is for us all to turn away. He is currently feeding off a new drug, our obsession with his public break down.