Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 14th

Jeremy Rowback (who first appeared on FH last month HERE:) has been collecting a lot of fans of late. David Arnot was kind enought to send on a few shots from his recent work with Jeremy and believe me this is one of the tamer shots from a very hot series! Thanks David!

Happy Birthday today June 14th

Happy 28th to Louis Garrel today!
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The Energy Of The Moment: Tyler by AJL Photo

When I first saw a shot of 21 year model Tyler I wondered just briefly if he was from Europe. The blonde hair, blue eyes and his beautiful crafted facial structure initially had be thinking he might be Swedish. Well I was off....way off as usual. Tyler hails about 4726 miles and an ocean away in the Pacific Northwest State of Oregon.

Regardless of where I thought he came from, Tyler has a look that draws attention. The hair and eyes, the facial structure and his chest and torso so beautifully defined. My favorite shots from the series presented are the first four, there is a sexy sophistication with the jeans and blue striped shirt. It is almost as if Tyler just stepped out of a nautical themed shoot on the pages of GQ.

Each of the shots in this series come from Salem Oregon based photographer Andre from AJL Photo. Andre has been involved in photography since the days of film, developing pictures in his laundry room at home. Like many photographers Andre leads a bit of the superhero life, by day a technology consultant, by night and on weekends the business wear comes off and the camera and his passion for shooting comes out.

'I love the balance in life that photography offers. I enjoy capturing "moments in time" and love working with models who want to make the most of their look.'

'It's the energy of the moment that creates the image. I love contrast in a shot, be it "light and shadow", or a guy in a tuxedo walking down a grungy alley. In my opinion, contrast to me does NOT mean a girl in a bikini and high heels, holding a power tool. Contrast is the firefighter holding the baby or puppy that just got rescued.'

Andre says that Tyler was an absolute pleasure to work with. Professional, punctual and personable. Andre says that building trust is key in his work with models.

'He is not shy and has a build that is incredible. He is willing to do what it takes to get the shot. One weekend, we were shooting at a barn, it started to rain, and I was all set to wrap for the day. He wanted to keep going. I got wet, the camera stayed dry, and it was a good day.'

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