Thursday, February 25, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 26th

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Snow Sculptures

Quaternate: Mount Photography

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?  In the case of FH, the answers would be the model or the photographer.  All of the pieces I work on  start with an image, but the perspective in which I view that image, can come from the model in front of the camera, or the artist behind it.  In the case of photographer Mark Montovio, (Mount Photography) the initial focus was on model. 

It was back in 2009 that I was putting together a piece on model Antonio Garcia. (HERE:) Many of the shots of Antonio were taken along the beaches of one of Portugals incredible beaches.  If you check out FH regularly, you know that Mark often traveled to Portugal to shoot.  This piece, began the many creative collaborations with Mark Montovio I've enjoyed working on over the last twelve years. 

In addition to enjoying the many beautiful locations in Portugal, Gibraltar and Spain, I've also loved the models that Mark work's with.  I love the diversity of the men Mark's works with and some of them, (Cristian, Antonin) we've watched grow with multiple shoots over multiple years.  Mark's dance background has led to a focus on movement and pose, something he does equally well in both spectacular location shoots, or in more limited spaces and in studio. 






A Man of Substance: Max by RMark Photography

'As Max's body developed more muscle, he became more confident, and comfortable in his skin.'

Whenever I feature the work of RMark Photography, I'm always struct the artistry and elegance with Roger's use of classic physique poses.  There's a reason these poses became classic, they highlight both a model's inner and outer strengths.  The inner, the muscle and physical attributes, both which help illuminate the outer, the shapes and curves uniquely created by the male form. 

Whenever I think of these classic poses, I think of statues of Greek God, and Michelangelo's David.  Many of these poses from Max were inspired by Michelangelo, but of this shoot, the inspirations came from the many poses painted by the artist on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

For me, a model channelling classic physique poses must have both confidence, and physical substance.  Many of today's male models are slender and lean great for fashion, but not necessarily right to embody the men on Michelangelo's masterpiece.  When I saw Roger's images images of Max, I saw substance, strong arms, great chest and arms, and a magnificent round butt, more than worthy of capturing permanently in an art piece.

It's interesting that when the Savannah photographer first met and photographed Max, his new model shared with him that his body wasn't in top form.  Max had injured his arms, and had not been able to work out as much as he usually did.

'Max and I got together to shoot about every six or seven months. Each time I photographed him, his body showed the evidence of having worked out quite a bit.  As his body developed more muscle, he became more confident, and comfortable in his skin. '

As his confidence grew, Max became more and more relaxed, and although he started out rather quiet, but the end, was throwing out creative suggestions and ideas.  Some of these were humorous poses and idea's for themes.  Roger shared some of these lighter shots, but I wanted to stick with the classic poses for this piece.  I have tucked away some of the shots to share int he future.

The Sovereign of Shirtlessness

There are many actors who are required to take their shirts off for a scene.  There are a few however, who reign supreme, excelling at baring their torso and chest for sexy scenes of the small screen.  Although I'm sure not everyone will agree, but I think the top contender for the title of sovereign of shirtlessness has to be actor Adam Hagenbuch.

Earlier this month, I did a post on actor Joey Bragg (HERE:) after catching a couple of episodes of the new ABC sit-com, Call Your Mother.   While watching a recent episode, I took note of the character of Chad, a hunky handyman working out in the back yard sans shirt.  I recognized the beautiful eyes and face, and the tight torso also looked very familiar.  

Like many, I was first introduced to actor Adam Hagenbuch in 2012's The Perks of Being A Wallflower. Since then the actor, producer and body builder has been ripping off his shirt on pretty much every television show he's appeared on.  In addition to Call Your Mother, Hagenbuch's been bare chested on shows including: Rizzoli & Isles, Major Crimes, Trial and Error, Switched at Birth and Undateable.  He's also show his incredible chest in the gay short The Dare Project

If you scroll down, you'll see caps and video from Adam's stripping scene from Undateable, where's his glistening body looks incredible.  I personally especially love his look when appeared on seasons 4 and 5 of Switched At Birth.  I especially love his hair length and he looks especially hot.  Given his shirtless resume, any actors seeking the crown have a lot of work to do to catch up!

Call Your Mother

The Dare Project (2018)
Switched At Birth (2015)

Undateable (2016)

Hagenbuch's Trent was so hot, he attracted plenty of attention from both men a nd women.  No surprise, that later that night, he ended up in the parking lot being kissed by both a woman and a man.  He seemed to enjoy both.