Sunday, December 19, 2010

Favorite Pic of The Day for December 19th

Love this shot and the smile on model Luis Perrusquia shot by rSEANd Photography. Will be showcasing moroe of rSEANd's soon!

Happy Birthday today December 19th to:

Above: Jake Gyllenhaal turns 30 today.

So many great guys blowing out birthday candles today! Please check out my posts from last year with great shots of birthday boys; Jake Gyllenhaal, Til Schweiger, Gerrad Bohl, James Rousseau & Tyson Beckford.

Below: Til Schweiger turns 47 today.

Just Because:

I know some people think Carrie Fisher was out of line and I certainly do not support the outing of others...

But, I love this story! Sorry but Carrie Fisher is one of the most interesting celebrities out there. Flawed, outspoken, annoying at times yes, but never never boring. Travolta on the hand is incredibly boring to me with the 'gay' rumors following him for decades. True or not, Fisher just answered a question. (and I don't think meant to actually make news with her answer). The fact that it was 1977, over 30 years ago that Princess Leia and Tony Manero graced movie theatres, that this story has legs is hilarious to me!

Survivor's Judson Birza

I have not really gotten into Survivor in a few seasons but this fall I did find myself getting drawn in. Pitting the young vs the old initially seemed pretty unfair but there was such stupidity on the younger tribe that it ended up being pretty equally balanced.

I just got around to watching the last two episodes on my DVR and sadly just said goodbye to the awesome Jane. My initial crush on Chase is still there Judson Birza aka Jud the Stud aka Fabio has certainly taken him to #1. First off Judson is great looking, but in the last episode he showed what a big heart he has as well.

I fear Jud will leave quite early tonight and if that is the case I really hope Holly wins. I can't say I really like Holly, she is quite annoying actually, but...with Jane out of the running it would be great to see the woman slide on by Chase and Sash for the win!

Below: Jud with Sash and Chase.

Judson for Abercrombie & Fitch.

Judson also plays drums in the indie band Space Funk Odyssey.
You can listen some of their music on MYSPACE HERE:

DADT -Part 2- by Hans Fahrmeyer

Last October I posts part 1 of Hans Fahrmeyer's Don't Ask Don't Tell themed shots. (check out that post HERE:) With yesterdays historic (and long overdue) vote Hans sent on some new shots to celebrate.

If you have tried to click on Hans site lately you might have noticed it has been down. Hans is back with a brand new site, with new layout and tons of new features and photos. Please be sure to check it out HERE:

Today marks #50 in the Sundays With Hans series and I want to send out a special thank you to Hans for all his contributions to FH over the past several years. Many readers email me when a weekend passes without any SWH and I know they are a favorite feature for many!