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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 9th

Matt by Unlimited Male
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FaVorite FiVE: Vitor Melo

Vitor by Geoffrey Vaughan

Blast from the Past: Joseph Bottoms

The Bottoms Brothers

Bottoms Up!

A few years ago, I did a full day's tribute to actor Timothy Bottoms. (HERE:)  I developed a crush over Timothy after finally seeing The Last Picture Show, and subsequently caught several of his other films from the 70's and 80's on TCM.  I knew of Timothy's younger brother Joe, especially his strong defined face and great body, but at the time, didn't realize I'd actually had a connection with one of his films...

Earlier this year, I again took notice of Joseph Bottoms, this time, after seeing him actually shake his hot bottom.  When doing my tribute to Battle of The Network Stars, I watched a clip of Joseph from a 1978 edition of the franchise, giving the camera a great view of his camera, after being introduced for the swimming relay. (see clip below)

My search for info and Joseph began!  Joseph began with appearances on television, but before long, landed the lead in the 1974 drama, The Dove.  The film, followed the true story of Robin Lee Graham who set out to sail around the world when just 16 years old.   The films success led Bottoms to many roles over the next ten years from big screen hits like The Black Hole and King of the Mountain through work in the 1979 min-series The Holocaust, co-starring James Woods and Meryl Streep.

After Dark, November 1978

By the mid-eighties, Bottoms' roles in films were fewer and far between and he began to pop up more on television in guest starring roles on shows including Murder She Wrote, one of the most famous shows for actors on their way down.  Bottoms continued to work steadily, moving from soap operas (Santa Barbara, Days of our Lives) to a string of work on Canadian television shows including Avonlea and Street Legal.

According to my research, Bottoms 'Bottomed Up' in three films.  The first two, 1981's Surfacing, and 1988's Born to Race were hard to find as I believe both were only released on VHS.  There is a fuzzy copy of Born to Race on Youtube, and a slightly better version of Surfacing on Vimeo.  Surfacing seemed to draw some attention for Bottoms love scenes with Kathleen Beller, whose nude scenes were much easier to find.

The Dove (1974)

Surfacing (1981)

Bottoms most well known nude scene was the 1991 erotic thriller Inner Sanctum, co-starring Tanya Roberts from Charlies's Angels.  I didn't remember Bottoms from the film, but I do have an sort of interesting story about my one and only viewing of the film....

Inner Sanctum (1991)

Back in the mid-nineties, while attending University, I saw the movie with a couple.  I sat next to a girl in a sociology course who soon became a friend.  One Friday night, when we discussed what we were doing on the weekend, she invited me to her home to have dinner with she and her boyfriend.  I had told her I was heading to the laundry mat, and she told me to bring over my clothes as they had a washer and dryer in the house they were renting.

There was a weird vibe from the moment I arrived, and the it got odder as the evening progressed.  It began with the girl insisting on doing my laundry, including washing and folding my underwear.  This gave her boyfriend plenty of time to 'talk me up' including bringing up whether I'd every had experience with a threesome.  This lead to dinner in front of the TV, and a copy of Inner Sanctum being popped into the machine.

A threesome did not occur that night, but not from  lack of trying.  Whenever the sex scenes came on screen, both parties gave me smiles and looks, and at one point sat on either side of me, asking if I'd like to 'play'.  I was intrigued, and even flattered, (after the fact) but in the moment was a little freaked out and bolted with my freshly washed and folded boxer briefs as soon as the movie's credits began to role.

The Unknown: Matt by Unlimited Male

'It’s the unknown that draws people.'
E.A. Bucchianeri

When Playgirl Magazine was published on a monthly basis, one of the most popular regular features was the 'Playgirl'Discovery'.  An undiscovered model, never seen before, with little to no experience posing nude for the camera.   Although the models were often young, it really wasn't about age as much as it was about their experience, or lack thereof.  Readers loved seeing ,and reading about, a 'new find'.  An inexperienced amateur model the magazine discovered and uncovered for the very first time.

I love featuring unknown models, regardless of their age.  Whether 19, 20 or 60, I love hearing their stories.  Given their undiscovered, most tend, like Matt, to be younger, but I've featured many models who decided to take it all off much later in life.   North Americans are for the most part obsessed with the young.  Maybe more specifically though, we're obsessed with the new. 

All of our senses, but maybe especially our eyes, react more intensely to things we haven't seen before.  There's nothing more powerful than experiencing something new and exhilarating for the very first time. There's an anticipation and excitement connected to a first shoot, especially if it's a nude one.  The experience of discovery, for both the model and the viewer, are for a brief moment, insync.

I don't know about you, but when I see images of a model's first nude shoot, I always look for signs.  Signs of nerves or fear, hints about their comfort level, and signs of confidence and courage. Although I now there is an audience for it, I'm always uncomfortable seeing a model whose poses and facial expressions are like a deer in the headlights.

That certainly wasn't the case in this series featuring Matt by Jay from Unlimited Male,  Jay has a talent finding and working with new models, and I've been fortunate to have been able to spotlight many of his breathtaking discoveries.

This was not only Matt's first nude shoot, but his professional shoot and Jay says he was a pleasure to work with.  Matt has a great body and face, highlighted by his beautiful eyes and great smile.One of the things Jay most loves about working with new models is seeing how they react to being in front of the camera for the fist time. For this first shoot, Jay reportsMatt was a natural.