Friday, October 12, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 12th

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Happy Birthday today October 12th

Happy 44th today to Hugh Jackman!

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The Sex Factor

Yes I know... I used this title in previous posts about the Fox singing/melodrama hour, especially last year when the heavenly Steve Jones was hosting. Although ratings are not bad, Simon's show is still well behind The Voice and it seems nothing from questionable back stories, fake mansions, Britney and Demi and well, a lot of male sex will be used to sell the show.

This weeks installment included a slow mow Sean Cody shower moment for rapper Nick Youngerman (above) and of course Emblem3 (below) and the frequently shirtless Drew Chadwick. Emblem3, and Youngerman for that matter, would be much hotter if they weren't so full of themselves. Both are talented, but not quite as gifted as they seem to think. The most unsettling thing this week was LA Reid's disturbing reaction to mentoring the over 25's (yes over 25's, not 45's). LA acts like unless you look like Justin Bieber there is no point in wasting your time on them. Now I know some of this was most likely for dramatic effect, but his reaction was still strange. Some of his singers, Vino Allan in particular, are some of the strongest talents on the entire show.

Home Alone by H2H-images

Some photographers excel at capturing the outside, others focus more on the inside. My favorite images are from the artists able to do both.

Now there are some obvious reasons for this; painters don’t necessarily want to be bowls of fruit and wildlife photographers I trust don’t want to be the antelope they’re capturing, especially when it gets stalked, captured and chowed down upon by a hungry lion. There has to be however some passion, some connection between an artist and subject in front of them in order for true greatness to occur.

Some of the artists I have profiled over the last five years have fascinated me to no end. There are quirks and insecurities and an unending talent for capturing beauty that I have loved exploring. Learning about the artist behind the lens is what most keeps me working on FH. It is the reason I ruin so many posts by scattering my babble in between the naked picture. . Most photographers of course don’t want the lens turned on themselves, yet at the same time, many, and deservedly so, want to be seen.

Artist H2H images takes a look at one photographer, his model a no show, turning his desire to capture onto himself.

by H2H-images

'The model didn't show up and the photographer is let down. The photographer has always been the eye. There is no beauty in the absence of the observer. The exhibitionist depends on the voyeur for the erotic charge. So who has the power? The model's direct and challenging gaze, the nape of his neck, the freshly-licked pouting lips, the hardening nipples, tensed abs, taut thighs, and the dick that swells not touched, simply responding to being admired and desired. This energy burns through the camera lens to the photographer's eye, and defines his "I": the admirer, the desirer.

But could the photographer be the object of desire? Could he dare to show? Could he find excitement and lust letting a thousand eyes caress his skin, travelling to the most secret places? Did he have the confidence to say "this is me, all I can offer, for you to admire and desire?" His equipment is ready. His photos answer the questions.'

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The American political system really needs a shake-up. I admittedly have no solutions but the current two party system only seems to reinforce so many things both sides claim not to want. It promotes divisiveness, negativity and even hate. We are taught in school there are always three sides to a story, mine, yours and the truth, yet in politics it always comes down to just yours or mine.

A yours or mine mentality never works, there is always a winner, always a loser. Always a fight, always a battle, always a war.

The truth of last nights debate is that both men did well, that is what made it so watchable. It was depressing seeing both sides not only claiming victory but bashing the other side. Yes Joe was arrogant and interrupted far too often, but also a master with facts and knowledge, strong and solid in contrast to the President last week. Ryan held his own and did not react to Joe's patronizing but was also condescending, his attempt though, bringing up Joe's son in the military, were annoying and generally fell flat.

Last night, in person with the people I was with and when logging on to facebook, it was clear that what side you were on dictated your reaction and feelings on what you saw. I saw very little support for one side or another, I saw disdain and the need to hate on whomever was on the other side. Joe Biden and Paul Ryan and each of their family members ended the hour and a half embarrassing and engaging with one another. I respect both for the respect they showed the process and their supporters. It is too bad many of their supporters don't seem capable of doing the same.

Although not as thrilled with Martha as many seemed to be I did quite like her last question about whether either candidate felt embarrassed of the negativity within the campaign. After taking the last hour and half to side step direct answers and bash the campaigns of the other, neither man really answered, nor really could answer the question. Ryan mocked Joe's saying things he may not have meant, Joe mocking Ryan about not being Jack (or JFKjr, below) for that matter) neither could really take the high road when both of their parties have are speeding so strongly down the low.

I hope people saw beyond the spin, beyond the show. I hope people heard the words. There were some powerful, and frankly scary things said about policy that I hope was heard through the slams and digs. I am not a lover how either party is running their campaign, but one party is dancing dangerously close to some frightening policy changes. I hope this becomes the focus of the remainder of the campaign. We all complain how about negative things are, yet supporters of each generally at the core of it. It speaks as much to who we are as it does to the political system. How can we claim to deplore hate and bigotry when it is so central to our political system??? Television is mostly crap because most of watch it and politics is mostly negative because we accept, and often participate in it.

Matthew Wayne Shepard (December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998)