Monday, October 11, 2010

Favorite Pic Of The Day for October 11th

Above: Ben O'Connor by Shannon Boh.
Find out more about Shannon below!

Happy Thanksgiving today to all the Canadian readers of FH!

Favorite Birthday Boy for today October 11th Matthew Bomer

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite actors, Matthew Bomer who turns 33 today

Also Celebrating today October 11th

Jean Monribot turns 23 today.

Actor Sam Robertson known to most for his role in 'Coronation Street' turns 25 today.

Australian actor Beau Brady turns 29 today.

Canadian Hockey hottie Jason Arnott turns 36 today.

French Rugby player Olivier Magne turns 37 today.

Luke Perry turns 44 today.

Actor Sean Patrick Flanery turns 45 today.

Hard to believe that Nicole Kidman left Marcus Graham for Tom Cruise. Marcus turns

Actor David Morse turns 57 today. (See previous post on David and St. Elsewhere).

Magazine Feature of the Day: Reeve Carney in Rolling Stone

Certainly the hottest thing about the current 'Hot List' issue of Rolling Stone are the shots of musician and actor Reeve Carney. Carney, whose band, appropriately called Carney has been acting the past couple of years and is about to open the biggest musical production of all time. Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, produced by Bono and the Edge opens on November 14th.

Blog Reader Favorites

I am embarrassed to say that up until this week I had never heard of Colt Studios. Certainly more research is required.... When FH reader and friend BP sent me this shot of Colt model Jeff DeYoung I certainly need to find out more about this blond Adonis. So beautiful. I can see why the images of Jeff made such an impact!

Keep sending in those shots!!!