Monday, October 21, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 22nd

Touchdown by FLYFOTO
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Happy Birthday today October 22nd

Happy Birthday to the youngest Hanson brother, Zac who hits 28 today!

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FLYFOTO: Interception

'It's a game of inches.'

In America, Autumn and Football go hand in hand. Holidays and Football also share a deep connection with Thanksgiving as synonymous with Football as it is with turkey and dressing. On FH, seasonal themed images have become synonymous with Massachusetts photographer FLYFOTO. FLYFOTO's Joey has been documenting the masculinity of men for over 20 years now and masterfully captures the raw masculinity within his models and beautifully exposes it in whatever theme he is exploring. Joey authentically blends of model with subject as well as color and festivity to consistently create visually stimulating images.

'Football serves up an iconic symbol for masculinity in our culture. In exploring this as a conceptual reference point, the emphasis in this visual study was to create a sense of male power through the association and connection with football. Each model brought their own interpretation of how football, as a concept, could be rendered as sensual, provocative, dominant, and visually classical theme. The viewer is drawn to connect the images to their own inner fantasy of what football represents to them.'


The Artist's Accomplice: Boston Aiden By FLYFOTO -Part 2-

An Alternative View:

So... why is it on a site entitled Favorite Hunks,  am I featuring the incredible images of women?

1. I Love Women, I love breasts, a woman's curves, the back of their necks. Actor Josh Hutcherson received mixed reactions to a recent quote he gave for OUT. With ultimate respect with all the men who came before me, gay should never be too narrowly defined. I know it seems easy, men who are sexually attracted to men, but my first sexual experience was with a woman and I love women's bodies. For a group who has fought for acceptance, we must be careful not to exclude. I know... it is confusing, but that is life.

2. I love windows with photography. Followers of FH know I love the use of windows within imagery. Reflections, looking in... Windows allow us to see what's behind them, but don't really permit us to see within. We also look out, at what we love and what we miss. Windows have been a theme of countless stories on the blog, and continue to trigger my curiosity and imagination.

3. The photographer is incredibly hot! Yes, I love women... Yes, I love windows, but it is FH after all, and when seeing the man behind the art in the self shots below, I knew I wanted to share. The artist, from MS Foto is a seasoned model himself. 'I'm no one special, just a guy with hobby.' I think the artistic figures captured are pretty special, mysterious and elegant leaving a lasting impression.

Nasty Boys:

Nasty, nasty boys, don't mean a thing
Oh, you nasty boys
Nasty, nasty boys, don't ever change
Oh, you nasty boys

Image Source:

'I am in the process of shutting your Google Blog down..'

Did you know..that I ask for $50,000-100,000 for each violation. I have never lost a court case...I go to the blog...take snaps of each violation..and my Attorney notifies the dumbass who post pictures...I am sure you are not doing this... If you ever post my own Copyrighted Material...I will come after you.

I can see your a fucking joke..copywrite? If you can't spell have zero business Stealing other peoples work and placing them on your fag blog site...IT will be shut down today..

What causes someone to be nasty. It doesn't take a psychology degree, although I have one, to know it usually means the person doesn't really like themselves. I got back last night from a weekend away. A wonderful weekend with friends enjoying the beauty of Autumn. The quotes above were in a series of e-mails from a photographer who implies, but never really states, that their work is on my blog. All my attempts to find out what the material in question was, and offer to remove anything of issue, were only met with additional nastiness and insults.

This is a photographer I have never profiled and have no idea what work or image they are referring to. They refused to say. They are on Model Mayhem though, I see their images frequently on the sites contests. It is funny, I think I probably respect and adhere to copyright more than just about any site/blog owner out there and go out of my way to seek support from the artists whose work I feature. I spend hours researching images and looking for contact info so that issues like this don't arise. I actually don't think this idiots work is on my blog, his mission appeared to be more to bully than to resolve any particular issue.

He obviously doesn't seem to care about all of the other photographers, those artists he wants to vote for his images, whose work will be lost if the blog went poof. For now, his name will remain a mystery, I don't have any inclination to hurt or negatively effect another human being. But... if the harassment and threats continue, I will be more than happy to share. ;)