Monday, March 5, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 5th

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Towel Dry

Drying off with Joshua Michael Brickman

Just Because: Rippons & Leather

Although I love the Oscars, I have never really been as into the fashion, or the red carpet. I can watch about five minutes before turning off until the start of the show. I didn't quite make it the entire five minutes last night, but I did enjoy seeing images on-line of Olympic bronze medal winners Adam Rippon and Mirai Nagasu. Rippon's BDSM-inspired outfit by Jeremy Scott was a hit and managed to get as much or more attention as most of Hollywood's best dressed stars.

Rippon's weekend in California was a busy one. In addition to dressing up for the Academy Awards, he also spent some partially undressed, shooting with Chris McPherson for an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

Prime Time Supporter: Geovanni Gopradi

The return of Will & Grace has been a little bit hit and miss for me. Some episodes and some scenes, usually involving Megan Mullally, are as sharp and funny as the original, some...not so much. Revivals are always risky, but the talent of the cast and the nostalgia value have me continuing to check in for those of moments that 'hit'.

One moment that hit, and hit hard on last week's episode was the moment Karen's pastry chef Alejandro peeled his shirt off in the kitchen. For those who watched, Karen and Will were enjoying watching the kitchen staff via a hidden camera Karen had installed to keep an eye on her staff. Karen and Will were enjoying the telenovela feel to the staff's interactions, especially the sexual energy between between Alejandro and Elias. (Victor Turpin) Karen literally turns up the heat to ensure things get hot and sweaty.

On the set of Reporting for Duty (2009)

Geovanni has been working steadily on film and on television since beginning his professional career in 2007. In addition to Will & Grace, the Florida born actor has appeared on Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, True Blood, The Bold and the Beautiful, Major Crimes, Animal Kingdom and A Foreign Exchange Love. Some also may remember Geovanni from his turn is Ramos in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.

The tall, dark and incredibly sexy Geovanni isn't just a talented actor, and especially fetching eye candy. he also attended various schools throughout the world, acquiring a Bachelor in History and International Law at Nova Southeastern University. It was his his desire to conquer his fear of public speaking that led Geovannit to take an acting class that began the trajectory of his career.

Will & Grace, Three Wise Men

Creative Reigns: Jonah Model by LifeForms

'I really enjoy having the creative reigns.'

Since first introducing FH readers to Jonah last Halloween, the 21 year old Pittsburgh model has been incredibly busy in front of the camera. In the last few months, Jonah's modeling has taken him from one coast to the other with various stops for shoots in California, Texas, and a recent February trip to shoot in New York City.

As much as Jonah has been enjoying his travels, he also always loves when he gets to be home in Pittsburgh. Recently, Jonah had a chance shoot a little closer to home, working Philadelphia based photographer LifeForms. Jonah describes the experience as an especially cool and creative one especially because LifeForms handed over the creative reigns to Jonah to improvise and and create some of the concepts they brought to life.

Jonah's love of being in front the camera, and his creative strengths matched beautifully with LifeForms whose goal is creating artistic imagery focused on shape, form and the male form. LifeForms enjoys using clothing, props and unique settings to help bring out a models personality as the produce original works or art. Jonah energy and creativity is evident, especially in his great poses and facial expressions and with how comfortable and ease he is utilizing the props available to him.

Jonah on FH: