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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 1st

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Fool's Paradise

Image from Felix d'Eon

Melted Chocolate

'Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.'

Melted chocolate never looked as good as it does slathered all over the body of Mariano Jr. (Mister Brasil 2015) Melted chocolate is usually a pain, making a sticky mess all over your fingers and hands. With Mariano Jr. however, we crank up the heat hoping to speed up the chemical process. Happy Easter to everyone who checks in to FH, wishing you a peaceful pleasant day with a healthy dose of melted chocolate.

Peeps: Mardi by Chris Teel

'I heard you wanted to see a Peep show...'

They say that Peeps are to Easter what Ugly Sweaters are to Christmas, but yet the holiday wouldn't be the same without them. I am certainly glad photographer Chris Teel used those wee little Peeps instead of covering Mardi's incredible body with a big ole sweater! Some long time FH viewers might recognize Mardi from my 2013 piece featuring his work with Chris. (Old School Christmas) The theme for that shoot was Christmas, but again Chris wisely didn't have any sweaters handy and Mardi was only donning a candy cane and some body glitter.

What's funny about Peeps is that although it's hard to find many people who actually like them, it wouldn't be Easter without them. The marshmallow candy come in a variety of different shapes and colors, but it's the original yellow Peeps, designed to look like an Easter chick, that are the most famous and popular. Mardi has the most beautiful skin and the glittery yellow Peeps looks are so temptingly displayed....  Even those who don't like the sugary treats would be tempted and find it impossible not to go in for a bite.

Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed: Hansel Wellington & Chester by Lights On Studio

'Two things I learned from the Easter Bunny: Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day, and some body parts are meant to be floppy.'

I started the holiday weekend by featuring Lights On Studio's images of model Hansel Wellington on Good Friday. (HERE:) In the second part of the series, photographer Tom Nakielski continues with the Easter Theme with this set of images partnering Hansel with Chester the bunny. It is always a risk pairing two models together, but in this case, Tom did an incredible job pairing the scruff with the fluff for this Easter themed shoot.

As most of you know, the studly Hansel Wellington is an experienced model having worked with some of the best chroniclers of the male form. Chester on the other hand, is new to modeling and had never been professionally photographed before, especially buck naked. Chester has always been a rabbit who likes to follow his own path. He is well aware taking on the role of the Easter Bunny is something most in his colony would frown upon, but Chester's says he's used to being a rebel rabbit. "I can't stand carrots and I hate hip hop, something I had to get used to being bullied about.' Despite his initial hesitations says the experience, and the temperature, was incredibly hot!

'I have been doing some life modeling for artists, photographers and students and was very excited to work with Tom again especially for this project. He is very easy going and fun. I really like being warm and Tom had like seriously 8 heaters on in his studio so I probably sent his electrical bill into the roof. But I think it was worth it for the photos. I'll be glad when it will be warm enough to do some more outdoor photo-shoots, and you can probably guess what kind!'

Chester was excited about working with Hansel, not to mention that any excuse to be out of his cage for awhile, was worth a little embarrassment and exposing his cotton tail. He was clear with Tom however, that he wouldn't be doing frontal, no mater how much hay he promised. Chester says that working with Hansel, as well as Hansel's ease with posing nude, helped calm his nerves and that his shaking decreased as the shoot went on. Chester did tell me in confidence that he was a little miffed that he felt did most of the heavy lifting during the shoot. According to Chester, Tom directed Hansel to stand and to lay on the floor, but directed him to be the one taking most of the risks including being perched high atop a table. Chester did say that Hansel was always close by, ensuring he didn't fall off.

'Chester was very well behaved although I thought he would jump off the table a few times, but I made sure he didn't take a leap of faith or anything! '

One of Chester's favorite parts of the shoot was when Tom asked him to pose atop Hansel's beautiful backside. Chester describes Hansel's heinie as both rock hard and incredibly smooth. The pose and position however, did have the new model fighting the urge to burrow down into the rabbit hole. In the end, Chester remained professional, hitting his marks and working Hansel to ensure Tom what got what he wanted. Chester did so well in fact, Tom says it was one of his quickest shoots ever.

'This was the shortest session I ever had with a model. We did the session in an hour. Usually, a session takes 3 to 5 hours. I tend to want to get lots of different shots and different backgrounds and lighting and once started I don't want to stop. This time, I had a purpose and told Hansel and Chester it would be a quick session and kept with the one theme.'

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 30th

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Happy Birthday today March 30th

Happy 81st to actor Warren Beatty!

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Beatty with David Wayne on the set of Suspicion (1957)

Mad As A March Hare

Makes you wonder what goes on behind that door at the end of that long paneled hallway.... 
 Be safe bunny!

Doug Vetter: A Splatter of Color

An incredibly smooth, naked canvas of skin
Splashes of color, is how we'll begin
Yellow and orange, red, blue and green
Adorning his body, with a decorative sheen
With the masterpiece finished, it's time for a cloth
So that you can help Nick, wash all that paint off

In the days leading up to Easter, a favorite activity for many is decorating Easter Eggs. Blowing out the egg and carefully painting, or dipping into vibrant colors, the eggs are used to celebrate the colors of spring and themes of the holiday. It is the colors that usually catch my eye with colored eggs, especially the use of primary and secondary colors on the finish of the egg.

When I first featured Virginia photographer Doug Vetter's work with Nick Anthony last summer, (Tale Out of School) I stuck mostly to their exterior work and their shoot an an old abandoned school house. Doug had sent on an array of shots however, including this studio shoot featuring Doug using his artistic abilities, and an incredibly hot canvas, to create a colorful work of art.

Good Friday: Hansel Wellington by Lights On Studio

The modest Rose puts forth a thorn:
The humble Sheep, a threat'ning horn:
While the Lily white, shall in Love delight,
Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.
William Blake

Regular FH readers know how much I love holiday images. I am sure that many look forward to (and many dread) my sexy Santa's, naked Ghosts and r-rated rabbits. Almost all holiday's weave in a sense of fun any play. Even deeply religious holidays like Christmas and Easter have a celebration at their core. One holiday however, always proves to be a challenge... You just don't see many images of the naked male forum shot to symbolize Good Friday.

Good Friday mark's the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, a holiday I observe and respect.  Not a holiday easily lent to erotically creative imagery, at least not one's I would most likely want to feature.  But... I do believe the glory of the human form is a natural, God given beauty, one that can be celebrated any time and on any day. As much as Good Friday is about Christ's death, it was as importantly, about his Passion.

Photographer Tom Nakielski from Lights On Studio found what I believe is a respectful, and passionate way to help commemorate the day. Tom has been a great source of holiday imagery, helping FH celebrate a Valentines, a July 4th and a few December 25th's. The Passionately provocative Hansel Wellington has been a part of several of these holiday themed shoots, and love what he and Tom created for Good Friday. Although Tom incorporated and egg or two, his focus, in addition to Hansel of course, was the Easter lily, the symbol of purity, hope, innocence and peace. Now I couldn't swear on a bible about Hansel's innocence or purity, he does fill me with both peace, and passionate hope.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 28th

John by Studio1X
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Body of Art by Benoit Prévot


My DVR has totally changed how I watch television. I am about 2-4 episodes behind on most of the shows I generally watch and have a backlog of moves (mostly from TCM) that I have to watch before I run out of space. The good/bad news about having shows pile up on your DVR is that sometimes you can stop watching a show, before you really even start...

I watched the season opener of Big Brother Canada 6 and instantly started crushing on house guest Jesse Larson. Any of you who watch reality, I think maybe Big Brother especially, know that having your crush voted/kicked off the show can not only alter your level of enjoyment, but also determine whether you watch at all.

Jesse was a hottie, from his shirtless opening in the premier through his glasses, his pink undies and any time he wore a costume. Sadly, Jesse got the boot before I got a chance go back in and watch the remaining episodes on my DVR. Not sure I will continue, but if I do, and if I develop another crush to draw me in, I'll be sure to let you know.

Logan Shroyer: Turning His Brown Eyes Blue

'It was Halloween night that I got the call about the audition and I almost didn’t go. It was super last minute. I had a dentist appointment that I ended up canceling because I was like, ‘I have to do this.’

3 incarnations of Kevin

Actor Logan Shroyer actually landed that part in just a single tryout. The actor who plays the 15-17 year old Kevin on This Is Us also had to make sure his hair looked 90's and get contacts to turn his brown eyes blue to match Justin Hartley's eyes when he is filming.

The actual 19 year old Shroyer has been acting the last five years, and regardless of whether they're brown or blue, his eyes and face are striking, especially when he wearing just a crop top... I wondered why the show didn't center the story on the middle set of kids instead of the older ones. I know the older cast are the main stars, and they should be, but it seems there may have been more story options, especially with Milo Ventimiglia's character if they centered the show when family was a bit younger.