Saturday, February 12, 2011

Favorite Birthday Boys for today February 13th

Favorite Birthday Boys for Friday February 13th

Sebastian Kehl turns 31 today.

Love actor Barry Tubb who turns 48 today.

Actor David Naughton turns 60 today.

Also Celebrating today February 13th

Other favorites celebrating today February 13th

Hockey Player turned model Mats Christeen turns 29 today.

Singer and model Enric Escudé turns 35 today.

Robbie Williams turns 37 today.

Galen Gering turns 40 today.

John Nies turns 44 today.

Musician, actor and comedian Henry Rollins turns 50 today.

Richard Tyson gave many 'inspiration' during the late 80's, Richard turns 50 today.

R.I.P Betty Garrett

My research tells me Betty Garrett had quite a movie and stage career as both an actress and a dancer. To me though, Betty was the face of Edna Babish on the Laverne and Shirley reruns I watched as a kid and as Irene on All In The Family which I am currently finishing up on DVD. R.I.P Betty!

Shot Through The HEART! More Moretti Jr.

The Gentlemen of Marlen Boro
-Moretti Jr: An early Valentine gift-

-Part 1-

No, it's not Thursday, but who cares when there are new shots by photographer Marlen Boro to share. With tomorrow being Valentine's Day, Marlen and model Moretti Jr. wanted to share a bit of their most recent collaboration.

Last month when Moretti Jr first appeared on FH (HERE:) I received requests to see more. Moretti Jr's strong face and absolutely killer bod make him the perfect man to help Marlen put together his Valentine's gift to the visitors to his site.

"This year I want to take my career to the next level. I'm launching a new blog, I'm going to appear in some new videos. Seemed like a really really sexy photo shoot would be a good starting point - of course I knew Marlen would make me look good."
Moretti Jr.

'One day Moretti Jr. suggested an erotic shoot - since I'm not a total moron, I jumped at the chance'
Marlen Boro

Marlen Boro On Facebook
Moretti Jr on Facebook
Moretti Jr ModelMayhem

-Part 2-

'Tye's blog is classy and has standards - so you'll have to visit my site on Valentine's Day to see the "explosive" slideshow."'
Marlen Boro

Well I am not sure about that, but I have seen the entire set and I guarantee you they are not to be missed! Make sure to begin....or end, your Valentines Day with Moretti Jr. on
  Gentlemen Photography by Marlen Boro HERE: