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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 11th

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Happy Birthday today August 11th

2 of my favorite Christopher's are celebrating Birthdays today.
Chris Hemsworth turns 31 and Chris Messina turns 40

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Scene Stealer: Brock Ciarlelli

'Its important to laugh. Laugh loudly, laugh often. And most important, laugh at yourself.'

One of the joys of discovering ABC's The Middle has been enjoying the work of actor Brock Ciarlelli. As Sue Heck's (Eden Sher) best friend Brad, Brock has provided the show with many magic moments. I love that although Brad might be officially in the closet, he doesn't hide who he is, nor what he loves. It also never seems to stop him from being his true and wonderful self.

Brad personifies joy. He is usually smiling ear to ear, jumping into his passions (which range from wrestling to square dancing) with flair and endless energy. Actor Brock Ciarlelli seems to share the same joy his alter ego finds in pursuing his passions. Thankfully, there are many gay characters on the television landscape today, but there is something quite unique and special about Brad. Brock plays Brad with wonderfully restrained flamboyance, fun but not over the top. He is who he is, and yet, except for a few whispers about his sexuality from the senior Hecks, is able to maneuver through the show, and his life without a label to weigh him down.

Megalomaniac: The Real Seth Storm?

Seth Storm:  
-Model, Wannabe Photographer, ElectroPopCore! Singer, Super Villain

Just like Brock in the piece above, Seth Storm doesn't want to be defined by a label. Seth says that its hard to define himself just as a Model. Being a model, especially a male model, already comes with assumptions and judgements of others.

Seth is an artist and believe art is far too complex to define and to cage. Seth's artistry can literally be felt and seen in everything he touches. His modeling, his photography, his music, even his web pages are designed not just to share, but to stimulate each of the senses of those who experience them.

I first contacted Seth in May of last year, but as often happens, my message got lost until Seth stumbled upon it and contacted me last month. When I first sent that message, I knew Seth only as the hot blonde model in a series of images that I had seen from photographer Lucas Ferrier. After that, a little research uncovered many more of his various talents. When Seth contacted me last month, the blonde hair was gone, the body more defined and his career, post Storm.

Image below from Reflex Studio

'The storm is a metaphor, a reflection on the comics, The Reboot Trend. Seth Storm is a reboot of my former "self" (Character Speaking). I even started a sort of narrative continuity about it. I know it sounds megalomaniac, maybe I AM Megalomaniac, but again it's just a metaphor, and, on a smaller scale, a provocation.'

Next two images from Arteo Photo Kevin Moore

There is nothing little about the scale of Seth's artistry, as you can see clearly in the video below of 'Struggle For The Crown.' The video is Epic with impressive graphic and effects. The song is also addictive, and I found the music, and the melody, running through my head hours after having listened. With the title, the obvious question for Seth was about that struggle, and if the crown is a thing, or a feeling.

'My biggest Struggle, uh, probably becoming someone different, starting from the "me" in High School. But the song is talking about the everyday Struggle that someone willing to be "known", to have a career has to face, just watching TV or speaking with other people ("Oh, you serious? You can't be serious! You're just a fool! You can't make it!"). The Crown is, in fact, the right to be a "King", and be respected as one.'

3 images below from Lucas Ferrier

The crown also currently includes a few modeling goals including becoming a published fitness model. Seth has been working as hard on body as he has with all of his endeavours, and is more than ready to find just the right photographer to do it justice! If Seth doesn't find anyone soon, he might just consider doing the job himself. Seth has been focusing on his own photography, shooting others, and himself. Seth's selfies (at the top and bottom of this post) show not only skill and creativity, but demonstrate he instinctively knows how to draw out the best, and most sensual, parts of himself.

Image from Romolo Giulio Milito

Image below from Horsefield Studios

Although usually not a huge fan of the selfie, I have had a change of heart after spending time on Seth's social media pages!

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