Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 1st

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Seasonal Sightings:

Media Men: Mike Manning

Last week, when compiling images for my Thirst Trap piece, I almost included several shots of actor Mike Manning.  Given I had saved more than a few hot shots of Mike, I thought they needed a piece of their won.   Many of you recognize the busy actor from his work as the evil Charlie Dale on Days of our Lives.  Although Charlie was killed off awhile ago, we see his ghost pop up from time to time.

In addition to his role on Days, Manning also appears as Caleb on the web series The Bay as well as appearing on The Manny, the show within a show on NBC's This Is Us.  The talented actor has been working steadily since his debut in the film The Brothers Sinclair back in 2011.  He also has a slew of project coming up for release including roles in The Raven, The Bell Keeper and The Nana Project

Thankfully, Mike also hasn't been shy about showing off his toned torso.  I especially find the bear paw tattoo, often rising from his boxer briefs, incredibly hot. 

I believe the cutie giving Mike a hair-cut is Mike's husband Nicholas Tocco.  Mike shared that he was married when he thanked his husband after winning an award for his role on The Bay at the 2021 Daytime Emmy Awards.

The Manny

Ennis Esmer in Red Oaks

Earlier this summer, while celebrating Canada Day, I two a two part piece on the 2015 Canadian film How to Play an Orgy in a Small Town. (HERE: & HERE)  One of the stars, and one of the actors who did a nude scene in movie was the incredibly sexy Turkish-Canadian actor Ennis Esmer.

While researching Ennis for the piece I discovered that I'd crushed over him before during his stint as Stevie's boyfriend  Emir in the fifth season of Schitt's Creek.  If you watched the Canadian comedy, you may remember that Stevie met Emir when he came to the Rosebud Motel to write a review for his travel blog.  Emir and Stevie then embarked on a brief long distance relationship for the next few episodes. 

During my research, I also discovered that Ennis also had several nude scenes during his time on the comedy/drama series Red Oaks.  Back in 2014, Ennis was one of the industries busiest actors juggling roles on not only Red Oaks, but also roles on You Me Her, Private Eyes and Blindspot,  

Red Oaks

I love that despite his beautifully beefy bod, Ennis' talent, good looks and sex appeal weren't overlooked when he was cast in the role of Nash. Nash was the tennis clubs Turkish  tennis instructor as well as being the clubs resident lothario. Nash was frequently seen with minimal clothing in the shows many locker and steam room scenes. 

 Although I couldn't anywhere to catch the series, thanks to xyzpdq from Scenes of Male Skin, I was able to find many of his nude scenes!

Chris by bengie: The Healing Power of Ginger...

'The root of the ginger plant can be consumed fresh, , dried as a spice, in oil form or as juice  To eat raw ginger for its health benefits, try sucking on a thin piece off a peeled ginger root and chewing on it like a piece of gum.'

Jack Ryan may have been on the hunt for a Red October, but I was on my own hunt, for a dash of ginger to kick off the month of September. September really begins the season of spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, savory and pumpkin spice will all be flying off the shelves over the next few months. Given the health benefits of the pungent and spicy ginger plant, especially the root, I can't think of anything better than a tall hot piece of ginger to cure what ails you.

Thankfully bengie, (Male Beauty by bengie) was also on the hunt for a hot ginger to photograph and he found exactly what he was looking for. After seeing Chris and his profile on Model Mayhem, the UK based photographer got in touch about capturing Chris' great look, his incredible body and face and his beautiful blue eyes.

I love following and showcasing bengie's work whenever I can and especially love seeing which models that begie chooses to work with.  bengie stopped working for awhile last year, but I hoped he'd be back so and continued to check out his portfolio on Purple Port hoping to see new images posted.  

When I popped in recently I was stopped in my tracks by bengie's shots of Chris.  I was scrolling through bengie's new shots when I clicked on the shot of Chris in the shower that I used for pic of the day. The images of Chris were actually from last year and I'm not sure how I could have missed them before.  Thankfully, this time I took notice and immediately got in touch with bengie about a post.

If you're familiar with bengie's work, you know he frequently shoots in and  around the property of his home in England.  I always look forward to seeing how bengie utilizes the patio, the barn and property to create unique images of each of the models he works with.  I especially love that bengie also incorporates his large beautiful shower. The location not only allows the model to get all lathered up and wet, it also has a great window providing an abundance of natural light.

Chris wasn't a stranger to nude shoots having done several before his work with bengie.  There were no boundaries for the shoot, and Chris was open to all of bengie's suggestions and ideas. bengie shares that it was a great shoot and Chris was a really nice guy.  Chris was dropped off by his girlfriend, and she left to explore the property with her dog while Chris and bengie worked. When I asked bengie what his favorite part of the day was, he replied it was really just getting to meet and work with Chris.