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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 6th

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Gotta Say It Again Now

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Last Saturday of the Year

Kai Jordan

On December 29th, the last Saturday of 2018, Therapy Lounge NYC held it's last Sketchy Saturday of the year.  My goal is to make it there soon, but until then, photographer Richard Rothstein has provided me, and FH readers with visual scrapbooks of the artistic... and voyeuristic , weekly event.

On the last Saturday of the year, Therapy NYC pulled out their big guns giving their sketchers, and watchers, the stunning Kai Jordan and sexy Matthew Williams as stimulation for their artistic endeavors.

Richard has provided much stimulation to FH readers over the past year, including many shots from Sketchy Saturdays.  Check out some of the Saturdays, and models from last Autumn I haven't yet featured on FH on page 2 HERE:

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Matthew Williams

Winter Blues: Sergey by Richard Rothstein

You can't hide from darkness,
In Winter, especially,
Cresting at fourteen,
Hours permanently painted,
An endless abyss
Of Blue followed by Grey
 Climaxed... with a final curtain 
Of Unrelenting Black

Those of us in the Northeast know too well how long those fourteen hour nights can be.  It often feels the darkness is waiting, hovering early as noon, for the chance to descend and take over.  You can feeling it breathing on the back of your neck, until it breaks through around four or five o'clock, content that it  has taken over, owning more than half our your day.

Stick to the blues, that's my advice on how to handle the long winters.  If you allow yourself to fall into the grey's, then blackness is inevitable. The blues can be handles, even controlled if you're savvy. You can channel them into binge watching on Netflix, a glass of wine or a big bag of chips.  If you're really on your game, you can even channel them into housework or exercise, but not every day, some days positive options are out of reach.

One of the best ways to remain in the blue zone, and ensure the grey's are safely pushed back, at least for a time, is channeling them carnally.  Sex is often a good temporary suppressant, powerful enough to keep the greys at bay, for awhile anyway, if you're dedicated.  Whether with a partner, or with yourself, channelling your energy sexually is more than just a quick tug, shove and organism, holding back the grey requires more energy, commitment and creativity.

Sometimes days it's easier than others, some days, all the creativity in the world can't keep grey at bay.  But.. most days, if you welcome the blues instead of running from them, the results, and those fourteen hour nights, can be something you greet with intention not dread.

When Richard Rothstien sent on his hot mess Christmas shoot with Sergey Sheptun last month, I focused a piece (HERE:) on the images that embodied the frenzy that Christmas can so often be.  With this set of images, of Sergey in bed in his snowflake onesie, I had those winter days, and endless winter nights, after the holiday's are over in mind.

Although alone swaddled in his deep satiny blues,  Sergey's sexual energy more than ensures the greys and blacks are kept firmly at a distance.  Speaking of sexual energy, Richard has just started an OnlyFans page and is planning on going more hardcore with his images of Sergey, and of others, than you've seen on FH, or Richard's site or social media pages.  Check it out HERE:

Instagrams that Inspire: Tyler Ellis

'I’m your huckleberry'

Tyler by Alex King

I first spotted images of model Tyler Johnson Ellis on Fashionably Male in his layout, Heavenly Vermont Sunshine by photographer Gabe Ayala.  Not only is Tyler incredibly hot, there was a quality, almost a welcoming, that I found incredibly appealing.  Reading his interview, it seemed inevitable his good looks, and gorgeous blonde hair would going to lead him to modeling, and if things work out, eventually acting. 

Tyler by Adam Washington

Tyler by Lester V

'Took me a while before I reached this level of borderline cocky asshole persona.'

Tyler by Gabe Ayala

Tyler by Gabe Ayala for Fashionably Male

Tyler by Travis Lane Photo

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 5th

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Happy Birthday today January 5th

Happy 44th to actor Bradley Cooper!

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All Aboard!

FaVorite FiVe: Lamon Archey

Pronounced [ Luh-Moan ]

Model turned actor Lamon Archey has been steaming up daytime since joining Days Of Our Lives as Eli in 2017.  Those eyes that face and that body, it's not a wonder the show has Eli shirtless and wet as often as they can.  I haven't watched Days in awhile, but I manage to keep up my visual Lamon shirtless stalking by checking out DC's Men of the Moment. 

Lamont by Voyeur photography

Sketchy Saturdays: 2018


Sketchy Saturday: June 9th, 2018

VP (above)
& Sid (below)
Sketchy Saturdays: June 16, 2018


Sketchy Saturdays: July 7th, 2018


Ethan (above)
& Peter Alexander (below)
Sketchy Saturday: September 22nd, 2018


José Aristides  (above)
& Adam (below)October 6th, 2018