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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 16th

Mark by Studio Kouros
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Seasonal Sightings:

Quaternate: Peek Physique

'My approach to male nude photography is to be blunt and basic. Here's the guy, here's what he looks like without his clothes on.' 

I'm always sad when I lose contact with a photographer, but I also understand that things change, and time goes on.  I first discovered the work of Tom from Peek Physique back in 2011.  I was fortunate to have featured his work eight times between 2011 and 2017.  I communicated with Tom mostly through Model Mayhem and when I went back to ask him about another piece a few years ago,  his Model Mayhem page was unfortunately gone.

I loved the models that Tom to choose to shoot and the unique way in which he captured.  Tom always set a mood with shoots, through pose, lighting and location.  He shot in studio, on rooftops and in basements and bathrooms and always brought out soulful sides to the models in front of his lens.  I also loved that Tom always ensured to get some great shots of his models beautiful backsides.  In addition, I loved the philosophy that guided his way of shooting.


'Time stands still for no one. It reinforces my belief that people should get themselves photographed when they are at their physical peak because that stage of life does not last very long. I'm fascinated with the notion that there is one day in everyone's life when they are at their peak of physical attraction and after that we all go downhill. That, plus our natural urge to steal a peek at perfection, is why I call my photo endeavors "Peek Physique.' 



Memorable Musings: Mark by Studio Kouros

'One of the benefits of a second shoot with a model is that there is more of a shorthand as you are already familiar with each other, and there is a greater degree of trust.'

It was just over a decade ago that I first discovered the work of Studio Kouros.  I remember being visually captivated after seeing the photographer's shot of model and actor Kairon John riding naked on a motorcycle.  Studio Kouros' imagery was eye-catching, dramatic and erotically powerful.  I first featured the work of Studio Kouros, (which includes shots of Kairon) back in 2011. (HERE:) I followed that piece up featuring his work with P-Jay. (HERE:)

After re-connecting on Instagram a few years ago, I then featured the Arkansas based photographer's work with Jon, (HERE:) and have been looking forward to featuring more of his work.  Recently, I sent on a few of my favorite models and shoots and at the top of that list was a model named Mark.  I'd seen shots of Mark before, and was always taken with his look.  Mark has a great body, but it's his facial structure and beautiful eyes that really drew me to his images.

Studio Kouros first discovered Mark on Model Mayhem and reached out to gauge his interest in doing a photo session and working together.  Studio Kouros was living and working in California at the time and Mark ended up living close to where his studio was located in Long  Beach.  They soon arranged a date and time to get together to shoot.

'Mark was great to work with; he was in peak condition and very professional, comfortable in front of the camera, did not require much direction. We got some great images on that October day, and before we wrapped I was already hoping to arrange another collaboration, which did come about in April of the following year. '

Mark quickly became one of the photographer's muses, and the working relationship and trust they established made for a smooth and productive creative collaboration.  These shots are some of the photographers favorite images of his work with Mark.  Although the differences are subtle, you can tell that Mark has closer shave on his head in some of the images. 

Hyde & Briefs

I'm not currently watching The Young and the Restless, (it's awful) and I never watched Passions, but that doesn't mean I'm not aware of former model and actor James Hyde.  I know many actors from my love of magazines, and I noticed many shots of James and his perfectly shaped face, his great body and beautiful blue eyes. 

About a month or two ago, I noticed a recent shot of James on Twitter.  It was announcing that his character was about to pop-up again on Y & R.  Although I hadn't seen an image of James in awhile, even with the few additional wrinkles, and the sexy splash of grey in his beard, he looked as good, or maybe even better, than I remembered. 

This had me looking for more images of the handsome actor which had me reminded he was once on the cover of Playgirl.  It was back in 2002, promoting his role on long ago cancelled NBC soap Passions.  No, sadly James didn't take it all off, but he was featured in several shots in a pair of sexy white Calvin Klein briefs.

Even just appearing in a pair of white briefs isn't something most soap actors would do today.  As much progress as we've made, soap actors in general, seem to be more puritan than I remember growing up.  It used to be fairly common to see male soap stars in speedos in magazines, but now they're all 'serious actors'.

Good for them, but soap operas are all about fantasy and escape, and the male actors especially, should be aware that they're eye candy.  Not that there isn't room for talented thespians on daytime, but we seem to have lost a bit of the sexy fluff that used to be apart of soaps.  Even looking for images of James reminded me of how the soap press has changed. 

In part, I'm sure it's money, but the two shots above came from issues of Soap Opera Digest.  Soap publications rarely do photo shoots for their publications anymore.  They just used studio issued character shots cut and paste into their stories.  Glad James was around before the change.  Given he also modeled, I'm sure he was accustomed to being asked to lose his shoot for a photo shoot.

Above: Hyde with Ric Arango, Brian Buzzini and Naomi Campbell (Gianni Versace , Rock N' Rule Benefit Gala, 1992)

Playgirl Magazine
September 2002
Photography by J. Russo