Saturday, November 24, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 25th

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Autumnal Sensations

As a storyteller, my enjoyment of art and photography goes beyond just the visual, encompassing many of the body's sensory experiences. Although not actually there, my imagination always wanders, triggering my curiosity about the many sensations experienced during the shooting process.  This is especially potent with outside and location shoot.

When enjoying images taken during the summer, I can almost feel the sun's heat hitting the skin.  When spending time with images taken at the beach, I imagine the smell of the salt water and feel of the hot sand and cold ocean water on the body and the sound of the waves crashing into shore.  When featuring a winter shoot, I shiver at the thought of the models skin hitting the cold rocks and ground, and the surface of the skin starting to freeze when in contact with snow.

With an Autumn shoot, in addition to the heat from the sun and the crispness in the air, it's all about sound and texture. When out in the woods in the late fall, you hear each footstep, each movement when the dry leaves are stepped on and begin to disintegrate.  You can hear the crack of branches in the distance and the aroma of moist moss and leaves floats in the air.

MW Photo MD: Free Falling


When Mark from MW Photo MD sent on his Autumn leaves themed shots of Andrew and Jonah last year, there were more from the shoots that I knew I wanted feature more of.  Today's End of Autumn theme provided the perfect opportunity!  Check more of Mark's shots of Andrew and Jonah on Page 2 HERE:


Autumn's End: Ryan by JW Johnson

'I've shot Ryan on the farm several times and during several seasons. He looks good in all of them.'

Although Autumn doesn't officially end until December 21st, for most of us, it's colorful brilliance has already all but disappeared. Thanksgiving often marks the end of Autumn and the countdown to Christmas.  For me, and most of us in the Northeast, the snow and cold has already arrived and although technically still fall, winter is on the verge of pushing it into the past.

Before however Autumn officially end,  there were several fall related shoots I wanted to share and feature.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate the end of Autumn than JW Johnson's shots of Ryan Rockford.  Ryan's delectable end is also more than worthy of a little celebration and attention on it's own.

Some of you may recognize Ryan from his video work, but for me he's never looked as hot than in JW's shots of Ryan out in the woods and between the tree's with the orange and yellow's of fall as his breathtaking backdrop.  Ryan was just out of the service when JW first shot Ryan, and was looking for ways to earn to some cash to pay off some bills.  JW knew instantly Ryan had all of the ingredients required, the great looks, face and incredible build, for print modeling and video work.

Matthew Dunston: A Walk in the Woods

'It was very liberating to strip nude in front of my friend (it was the first time he saw me nude). He was very supportive, and I believe we got some very nice pictures that day. Hopefully we will be able to go out again, and continue this photo journey.'

Matthew Dunston, and this shoot and story especially, personifies so beautifully why I so love to work on FH.  That liberation Matthew describes is a recurring theme in so many stories  shared from so many models.  That feeling of exhilaration that can only come from doing something risky, something new, (for Matthew, this time posing naked for a friend) and of course, something completely naked.

'I had recently told one of my really good friends that I've posed nude for both photography and for art classes. He was very supportive of this decision of mine, and said that he always wanted to try his hand in photographing the nude male form (he studied photography in college). He asked if I would be interested in being his first model, and I of course I said yes. The only issue for him was trying to find a location...'

'I told him that I was going to do a photo shoot with another photographer (takeapic4u) and another model (Harrison Snow) in this canyon at a local state park, and that this would be a great spot to try and get some photos as there are never anyone near the canyon. We decided to give it a try, and the rest is history.'