Thursday, October 15, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 15th

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Happy Birthday today October 15th

Happy 32nd Mr. Sayers!

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The Bottom Line...

Yes, we've seen Alex's beautiful backside with absolutely nothing covering it, (HERE:) but I think this image is one of his hottest!

He Bangs: Jake by JeffsPOV

'People keep telling me that I have a great eye when it comes to photography, that I see things others don't. Well now is my time to give this a shot and see where I can go with it!'

In addition to having a great eye when it comes to photography, I would also add Jeff has the most incredible eye for choosing the perfect models to shoot. Jeff shares that living in Dayton Ohio, he doesn't always get the chance to work many experienced models, but that hasn't stopped him from finding great models to work with.

'Don't get me wrong, part of the fun of doing stuff like this is to take someone who has never been in front of a camera or done any modeling at all and create something beautiful, something artsy, something that others enjoy looking at.'

When I first featured Jeff's (JeffsPOV) imagery this past April, Jeff shared there was no way to surgarcoat it, 'I love the male form. I love a beautiful male physique!' There is no need for Jeff to sugarcoat it, his passion shows through in every image, and if you take a look back at the previous times I featured his work, (below) you can see clearly, even with the obstacles in finding models, Jeff's skill and talent in choosing new, dynamic and incredibly sexy, men to shot.

Since he first saw Jake on Model Mayhem, Jeff knew he wanted to work with him. 'I thought he had this great look about him and I just wanted the opportunity to work with him. He has this nice lean body and the terrific hair not to mention the face!!' It took a little while co-ordinate their schedules and have them mesh, but Jeff was thrilled once they were finally able to get together to shoot.

'Jake was great. He didn't need any direction or instructions. He knew exactly what to do. I really liked his professionalism and his attitude. He said more than once, "anything to get the shot" One of us mentioned wet hair and next thing I knew he was in my shower!! Those shots turned out really great. Actually this shoot is probably some of my best work to date, at least I feel it is.'

Although Jeff has produced some really strong images of the new models he has discovered, he says to was great to work someone with experience to create something both fantastic and amazing. Jeff has a feeling Jake is going to go far in the industry and really hopes to work with him again before he makes it big. 'I know someday I'm going to walk into Gap and see some life sized poster of Jake hanging from the ceiling. I think that is a real possibility. And above all else, he's a super nice guy and seems really down to earth. I feel very honored to have worked with him.'

A Look Back: Eric Balfour in Lie With Me

I think the first time I really took notice of actor Eric Balfour was in the 2003 re-make of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It wasn't just the movie, but the DVD's special features that caught many people's eye. In the behind the scenes featurette, Balfour seemed to like to be naked, stripping down for the cast and crew with a care free attitude about his body and being naked.

After seeing this footage, many of us felt it was just a matter of time before a director got the actor naked in another film, and two years later director Clement Virgo did just that. Balfour gave a beautifully uninhibited and raw performance in 2005's Lie With Me, naked, both physically and emotionally for much of the film. Balfour's sexual energy was powerfully strong and memorable. It is odd to me, especially with all the fanfare over Michael Fassbender in Shame, that Balfour often gets left out when discussions about male nudity in film arise. I think Balfour's performance is up there with Fassbender and Gere and all of the other actors who took the gamble to go full frontal on the big screen.