Friday, December 23, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 24th

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A Vintage Vantage:

A Dogs-Eye View of a Boy

Christmas Countdown: Red Flannel & Bare Skin

Santa Baby,
Hurry Down The Chimney Tonight....

The first image I post from photographer Male Beauty by bengie was a Christmas image. A Pic of the Day featuring a naked Santa tied up in a string of white Christmas lights. The first full story was a selection of my favorite shots from bengie's sexy Santa series. It seemed festively appropriate then, to feature more of the red flannel and bare skin in this year's Christmas Countdown. Check out more of Santa, relaxing by the fire prior to his big trip on The OVER-FLOW HERE:

12 Days: Daniel Sunjata in Noel

Several years ago, I started the series 12 Days. 12 Days, was a 12 day countdown featuring some of the holiday hunks I discovered in Christmas themed movies. I love holiday movies, and it was interesting to see how many of those male leads in wholesome Hallmark movies had nude scenes in their past.

12 Days never got off the ground this year. I have been busier than usual, and have little time to watch many Christmas movies. I am hoping to rectify that a bit next week, but in the meantime, wanted to share one actor who caught my eye last week. I have yet to see 2004's Noel, but I see it is on Netflix. I am not sure I am ready yet to dive into a Susan Sarandon film, but if I do, this one is the one I'll watch.

I was at holiday game night party last week, after most people left, a few of us hung around to chat. Although the sound was off, the television was on and actor Daniel Sunjata's beautiful face and eyes were on the screen. It the few minutes I saw, Daniel's character seemed to be getting rejected by Sarandon... guess I'll have to watch to see why. The film also featured Penélope Cruz and Paul Walker. Later that night when I got home, I IMDB Daniel to find out the name, and year of the Christmas themed film.

I have to admit, my introduction to Daniel was not a film or TV role, but on a message board that featured a thread of images of actors who have appeared nude on stage in Take Me Out. Daniel's body was incredible of course, but it was that face and those eyes that drew to me look for him in his many television roles. Daniel has been a part of many TV shows, most recently along side Aaron Tveit in Graceland, and on ABC's Notorious. Notorious looks close to cancellation, with it's episode # recently reduced, but if it makes it to another season, I will add it to the DVR.


Daniel with Aaron Tveit in Graceland

Daniel in Rescue Me

Take Me Out

In 2002, Daniel joined Frederick Weller and Denis O'Hare in an off-Broadway run at the Joseph Papp Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival.

New Manhattan Studios: When Santa's Away...

The Elves Will Play!

There's only one night a year when ole Daddy Santa is not around keeping an eye, and occasionally a hand... on his hard working elves. On the evening of December 24th, when most of us are snuggled with sugar plums dancing in our heads, Santa's Elves finally get to relax, and release 12 months of pent up sexual energy. Santa keeps his boys so busy, pounding together toys, they don't really have much time to enjoy themselves, or each other.

As soon as that sleigh takes off, and those 12 reindeer and Santa's husky red flanneled body disappear from site, it begins. There's not much left to party with, every toy, every candy and treat, every decoration and tree has been packed in sacks for world wide distribution, but that doesn't stop the holiday party about to begin. The Elves are usually able to find a morsel or crumb left on the toy shop floor, and a Charlie Brown tree to set the mood. That's all they really need though. With only about 12 hours of freedom, the Elf wear hits the floor hard, and the festive frolicking begins!

FH readers know Elf Alex very well. Alex Corso is always one of my favorite models to feature, and has been a part of many great stories and features since his debut on the site back in 2012. This past year, I focused on Alex's work as both a photographer and model. Alex, and his work with New Manhattan Studios, also helped FH celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Los Columbian Leprechaun. Elf Mark made his FH debut just last month, removing his clothing, under the water's surface with Gordon Nebeker capturing each moment of his suit strip. (A Fashionable Submersion)

It was actually Gordon that introduced Mark to NMS's Wes and Alex earlier this summer. This series of images was taken earlier this month when Mark was in New York for a solo shoot with Wes. At the end of the session, Alex joined in for a series of holiday shots that Wes thought might end up as Christmas cards for the studio. I love the romantic and fun feel to the images, and the addition of the Charlie Brown tree.

Alex and Mark look great together, and make an adorable and sexy pair of North Pole paramours. Alex oozes sexual energy and Mark's incredible smile indicates that our two little elves will make the most of their 12 hour celebration of carnality. While most of us south of Santa's workshop will wake up tomorrow full of enthusiasm for the day head, these two little elves will be heading to bed, their own beds, as Rudolph and company guide the big boss back to the snow covered village.