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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 7th

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Whack A Clown!

Freshmen 1990 Vol 1 No1

Back Issues:
Freshmen Vol 1 No 1
Premiere Issue: 1990
Craig Dayton

Empty your pockets and take off your clothes!

Sexploitation films were at their height in the late 60's and early 70's.  In almost all of the films, the sex being exploited was female.  One of the most popular themes in the genre was the women's prison film.  An innocent looking new inmate, a tough warden, strop searches, shower scenes, lesbian love scenes and a laundry room sexual assault. 

1971's Caged Men (I'm Going to Get You... Elliot Boy) had all the same tropes associated with prison Sexploitation films except this time, the sex in question is male. Elliott may not be totally innocent, but actor Ross Stephenson certainly looked innocent enough, especially making his way through his strip search with a prison guard and his overly eager inmate assistant. 

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Along The Way: XL by Bob Burkhardt

'I’m naturally silly and I have fun. That’s what life is about. We already have to work until we die, so might as well have fun along the way.'

There are some models, some performers and just some people who stand out in a crowd.  XL is certainly one of them.  When I began featuring the work of Atlanta based photographer Bob Burkhardt, it was his images of XL that first caught my eye.  In addition to his incredibly hot body, XL has a strength and sexual intensity in front of the lens channeled through his poses, his facial expressions, and especially his eyes. 

I often comment than dancers and successful adult film actors make the best models. In order to make it in either profession, a powerful nexus between mind and body is required.  Audiences can feel when the connection is not authentic, and it inevitably shows up in their performances.  It was through XL's work in adult films that he and Bob first connected.  Bob was hired to do shoot for BreedItRaw, the porn studio XL was working for.  At the time, XL was new to the business and new to modeling as well.

Although young and new to being in front of the camera, Bob was impressed with how motivated hw was in both his work, and all areas of his life.  They made an instant connection and Bob suggested they also focus their shoot on work which would appeal to a more mainstream audience, beyond the fans and viewers of XL's film work.  

'XL is creative, driven and focused.'

XL's creativity goes beyond just his work in front of the camera, the Atlanta based performer is also a painter, and enjoys visiting museums, and any art related project.  XL also has a regular 9-5 job which allows him to keep a regular work schedule and also keep porn where it belongs, as a fun, secondary hobby.  It pays well, but XL is well aware there's a shelf life in adult films and  part of his drive is to ensure success and longevity beyond his time in the porn industry.  Porn and photography are some of the fun stops along the way.

XL On:

Preparing for Film work vs a photo session: 
'When shooting a movie, I like to have at least a week in the gym, healthy diet, plenty of rest & I don’t masturbate for at least 3 days. For a photoshoot, I have to have a cold shower before I start & plenty of water. I Need Music while I’m doing a photoshoot too '

The best part of working with Bob:
'The aura & energy Bob exudes. There’s almost a telepathic type of vibe we have whenever we are shooting. He knows what I mean but it’s instant magic.' 

Any Challenges?
'Not on Bob‘s end. Location shoots can be difficult due to weather or bugs (pool shoot in the summer) but overall the atmosphere is very comfortable.'

The Underwear and Fashions?
'I may bring some jockstraps from BoyNextDoor but Bob usually supplies & crafts any outfits for the shoot.'

First impressions after seeing the finished images? 
'I was nervous because I didn’t plan on getting into the adult industry. Overtime, I began to have fun with it & gain confidence in my appearance. Bob frequently makes jokes to lighten the mood as well.'

Bob's style and attention to detail:
'Bob’s photographed some of my best photos. Any idea he has, he implements immediately. Depending on what time of day it is, he doesn’t waste any time on getting natural light while it’s available. Even adding artificial lights when necessary. I have to keep up with the aesthetic changes but I love the pace. It keeps me moving around & constantly has me maneuvering my body to stay in frame.'

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