Thursday, September 24, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 25th

Björn by macpics
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A Touch of Plaid

Given it's officially fall, it's time to pull the plaid out of the closet.

Old Boots, New Dirt

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Favorite Part of Ratched: Corey Stoll

'He wasn’t born a monster. Somebody turned him into one.'
Mildred Ratched

Netflix's Ratched has certainly gotten some wretched reviews.  To be fair, I think some were a bit too brutal, based more on Ryan Murphy's body of work that Ratched on it's own.  Sure, like most of Murphy's projects there are some gaping plot holes and story inconsistencies, but also like many of Murphy's projects, for what it was, I found it entertaining.

It had all the Murphy staples.  Great actress's over 40, a hot hunk for butt scenes, frequent twists and turns, and a beautiful atmosphere rooted in the shows look and set.  I'm not sure any mental institution ever looked like this one but even during boring or silly scenes, the surrounds

The cast was top notch, especially Jon Jon Briones and Judy David, whose scenes together were my favorites.  The exception was Sharon Stone, who although looked great with a monkey on her shoulder, was oddly flat in a role that should have been a scene stealer.  My favorite actor in the project was Corey Stoll who played PI / hired gun Charles Wainwright.

The Strain

Stoll looked incredibly hot in his film noir styled coat and hat, and hotter when the hat came off.  Stoll is an actor I really should no better, I've seen him in many movies before, but his television appearances were in shows that have passed me by.  I tired, but never got into Girls, and have never seen House of Cards.  I did however notice Stoll on screen before in his many film roles with some of the industries biggest stars.


I wish we'd have seen more of Stoll in Ratched, but Mildred's story went in a different direction and Charles was only seen in the shows first three episodes.  I also wish we'd seen more of Charlie Carver and Hunter Parrish, both of whom were also memorable, but with limited screen time.

I think Ratched would have benefited from less of the title character herself.  As great an actress Paulson is, this role wasn't really a great fit, and the show really shined when it's supporting cast were on screen.  I would have really loved to have seen more of Stoll, Briones, Parrish, Judy Davis, Vincent D'Onofrio, Amanda Plummer and Harriet Sansom Harris.

House of Cards

At the Turn of the Century: Björn by macpics

Doesn't the turn of the century seem like an awfully long time ago....

I always enjoy featuring Ian's (macpics) recent shoots, but I also really love when he digs back into his archive to share his work with models from decades ago.  In addition to the look and feel of the shots, I love the stories that so often go with them.  Before Model Mayhem and social media became the main way photographers and models connected, it often required a more personal touch...

The last few times I featured older shoots of Ian's, we travelled back to the 90's.  This shoot, spanned the last couple of hours as the year, the decade, the century, and a few hours into the new.  Like many of you, I distinctly remember New Years Eve 1999. I was in my early twenties, and enjoying my Christmas break.  I had recently finished school, and was out working full time for the first time.  The talk, especially at work, was focused on what would happen at midnights if the world's computer's all went down.

It seems almost silly looking back, but it was a big concern, especially for businesses  that spent months preparing for a catastrophe.  I was at a party, but remember gathering around the hosts desktop at midnight waiting to see if his machine would crash or blow-up.  Of course nothing happened, computers continued to function, bring us our porn, and move along like every other day.

While I was at house party, preoccupied with inconsequential matters, Ian was out partying, ringing in the turn of the century with hot men at a nightclub in Germany.  Although off the clock, photographers always have their eye out for potential future subjects.  That's exactly what Ian saw and thought when first saw Björn.

'I spoke to him at that bar and he was pleased to be asked to model. With a little encouraging, we decided to shoot right away and ring in the New Year by celebrating Björn's first nude shoot.  Some of the shots were taken at my place and some at his. He was a novice, but he took direction well and enjoyed being in front of the camera.'

Proving you can never rely on stereotypes, they spent a lot of time talking about religion, as one does during a naked photo shoot....  Actually, the conversation began with Björn' wondering if his being circumcised mattered for the shoot.  It didn't.  It ended with the new model discussing being a born-again Christian. (Ian called him a Björn-again Christian.)  Although a man of deep faith, Björn was also an art lover and believed the human body was a work of art, and not something many religions like to attach with shame.

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