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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 19th

Talon for Red Hot Mag
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Happy Birthday today October 19th

Happy 27th to actor and singer Sascha Visser!

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Red Hot: Talon by Michael Anthony Downs

'Honestly, I've always been really comfortable naked. I've never had a problem with my body even if I'm not feeling 100% about how I look. I've never seen nudity or nakedness as a dirty thing... that's just how your are, that's how you're born. That's really how we're walking around this earth, we're all naked.'

If you're a lover of images of the male form, at one time or another you have found yourself on All American Guys. Photographer Michael Anthony Downs has been seducing viewers with images and videos of some of the hottest, and most popular male models working in the industry for close to 6 years now. If you didn't join when you went there, you were certainly tempted...

It's a brand new ball game over at All American Guys these days! There have been some exciting changes that are attracting a much wider audience. In addition to a fresh crop of fitness models, the site has been redesigned with sizzling new sections like Red Hot and Masculine Platinum that push the envelope with slightly more erotic, but still tasteful images and popular new features including celebrity cam chats.

In addition to all that, AAG is developing an innovative reality show showcasing the personal lifestyles of its latest stars — as well as designing a new quarterly magazine that will highlight the company’s sexiest models with probing interviews, dazzling layouts and exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Red Hot is a way to bring in new talent and photographers that showcase more artistic and edgy material. It will include some AAG models and occasionally guest models.

One of the red hot models spotlighted is fitness model Talon. I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak at Talon's interview which includes video from his work with Michael. As hot as Talon looks in these images, he is even hotter, and more engaging on film In his interview, the fitness model and prize winning MMA fighter shares his experience baring it all for the camera including the dangers of shrinkage, and being caught naked during his shoots by curious construction workers and even a couple of fisherman. Check out the interview for yourself, as well as much more from Talon at All American Guys.

Constant Craven: #2 Rodney Eastman in A Nightmare On Elm Street #3 & #4

Rodney Eastman
Joey in A Nightmare on Elm Street #3: Dream Warriors (1987)
& A Nightmare on Elm Street #4: The Dream Master (1988)
Craven Connection: Writer

In the first instalment of Constant Craven, I focused on Johnny Depp and Jsu Garcia, the hunks of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street. As many of you know, the second instalment took an interesting direction, (more to follow later) but the third and forth instalments were not without their fair share of hot and talented men. Actor Rodney Eastman was just 19 when he signed on to his first major role in Dream Warriors. Born in Montreal, the actor moved to Los Angeles early in his career and has been acting, and performing with his band, King Straggler, ever since.

In addition to his roles in the Nightmare series, Eastman has also appeared on screen in films which include; Deadly Weapon, Mobsters, Hear No Evil and The Opposite of Sex. On television, Eastman has appeared on many of television's biggest hits including ER, Monk, The Mentalist, Melrose Place, CSI, NYPD Blue, The X-Files and Rizzoli & Isles.

Some More Recent Shots:

Eastman from Spork (2011)

Eastman Greg Gorman

Eastman was shot a few times over the years by famed photographer Greg Gorman. I had heard Eastman was featured in Gorman's Volume 2 but wasn't sure until I saw the image below on Eastman's facebook page. Eastman wrote the following beside the photo. 'Throwback Thurs.. By Greg Gorman, 92 FB edit.. yep, I'm nekkid.' Well of course, I then had to cross reference with my copy of Volume 2.

and then...
and BEHOLD....

Behind The Scenes: Brad by Brett Kiellerop

'Brad is currently studying to become a personal trainer... I just can't imagine him being a personal trainer. 'I don't feel like it today, Brad'... 'OK, let's go to the beach, get drunk, and streak in front of some old women instead!'

I was beyond fortunate last year to be able to feature the work of Australian photographer Brett Kiellerop. As soon as I began communicating with Brett I felt his warmth and kindness. Brett is an artist, who despite his own personal struggles, was invested in the success of the models he had shot. The first of his models I wanted to feature was work with Brad.

I showcased Brett's work with Brad last February with the piece  Images In My Head .  I  fell love in Brett's captures of Brad's huge smile, great physique and the mix of his playful goofiness which enhances his already strong and natural sex appeal. I love finding models who don't look like everyone else out there and Brad has a sexiness that is unassuming, unique and erotically engaging.

'Brad... cheeky, fun-loving, and playful... the photos really show off the sense of fun Brad has, and what a joy it was to work with him.'

When I asked Brett about featuring some Behind The Scenes images of Brad I was not disappointed. We also hit the jack pot with a short video of Brad doing a little bit of beach skipping to limber up! Brett shot Brad for his book Aussie Gods, but shares he has not found a way yet to use the videos. I am glad to be able to share some of them here! Be sure to check out more of Brett's work and you can order Aussie Gods on Amazon HERE: